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15-year-old Unpatched Root Access Bug found in Apple’s macOS

An IT security researcher has leaked details on an unpatched Apple’s macOS bug which lets attackers gain root access and take complete control of a targeted device. After a disastrous 2017, where Apple faced all sorts of...

Flaw In Major Browsers Allows 3rd-Party Scripts to Steal Your Saved Passwords

Security researchers have uncovered how marketing companies have started exploiting an 11-year-old bug in browsers' built-in password managers, which allow them to secretly steal your email address for targeted advertising across different browsers and...

Smartphone sensors can leak the four-digit PIN code to hackers

Smartphones have remained the primary domain of experimentation for cybercriminals as they are always finding out ways to exploit and crack smartphones mainly Android devices. Apparently, researchers at Singapore based Nanyang Technology University or NTU Singapore, have...

UK Pedophilia : There are 20,000 suspects – police chief warns

More than 20,000 British men are “interested” in sexually abusing children, UK's national police chief in charge of child protection has said, having compared the data to the number of suspects posing a terrorist...

Uso e abuso dei termini “Palestina” e “palestinese”

In un video di 4 minuti e mezzo, ecco come agli ebrei è stato indebitamente sottratto l'attributo di “palestinesi” per farli apparire estranei nella loro stessa terra Sentiamo spesso affermazioni storiche come queste circa i...

Tesla’s enormous battery amazes in quick outage response

Tesla Motors' grid storage battery in South Australia, switched on at just the beginning of December, has already shown it is up to the job of serving as a backup system in South Australia. Its...