Israele : attacchi aerei a Gaza dopo razzo sparato dalla Palestina


L’aviazione israeliana (IAF) ha effettuato raid aerei nella Striscia di Gaza dopo che i militanti palestinesi hanno lanciato un razzo sul territorio israeliano, le Forze di Difesa Israeliane (IDF) lo hanno dichiarato questo Lunedi.

TEL AVIV – Domenica, un razzo è stato lanciato dalla Striscia di Gaza e ha colpito uno spazio aperto nel sud di Israele, secondo l’IDF.
“In risposta ad un attacco del razzo di ieri sera, la IAFha preso di mira una posizione di Hamas a sud di Gaza,” e l’l’IDF lo ha postato su Twitter.
L’IDF sostiene che circa 19 razzi sono stati sparati dal territorio palestinese in territorio israeliano dall’inizio dell’anno.

————— lista lancio missili su Israele da Gaza  da inizio 2015 —–

October 26
1 rocket
One rocket was fired from Gaza at Southern Israel, no injuries reported.
October 21
1 rocket
One rocket was fired from Gaza and landed in Israel’s Sha’ar Hanegev region. No injuries or property damage reported.
October 10
1 rocket
One rocket was shot down by the Iron Dome over Israel after being launched from the Gaza Strip. In response to this attack as well as attacks during the previous days, the Israeli military conducted air strikes against Gaza militant positions. These strikes claimed the lives of a pregnant 30-year old Palestinian woman and her 3-year old daughter, and injured several other members of her family.
October 9
2 rockets
Two rockets were fired by Gaza militants, both landed and exploded in the Gaza Strip. No injuries reported.
October 4
2 rockets
Palestinians fired two rockets from Gaza on Sunday October 4, one of which exploded in a field in Eshkol with no injuries. The other rocket did not make it out of the Gaza Strip but still set off warning sirens in Israel because it was originally headed towards a populated area.
September 30
1 rocket
One rocket was fired towards Israeli territory from within the Gaza Strip on September 30, 2015. The missile was intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system over the Israeli city of Ashdod, and no injuries were reported. In response, the Israeli Air Force struck four Hamas military sites the next day.
September 20
2 rockets
Two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip by the Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade. One rocket landed in Sderot and damaged a home, while the other rocket was shot down by the Iron Dome missile defense system over Ashkelon. No injuries were reported. The Israeli Air Force struck multiple targets in retalliation, including a Hamas telecommunications site.
September 1
1 rocket
One rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip by an ISIS linked group, the Sinai Province of the Islamic State. The rocket fell within Gazan territory, no injuries were reported.
August 27
1 rocket
One rocket was fired from within the Gaza Strip and exploded in Israeli territory on Thursday, August 27, 2015. In response, the Israeli military struck the position from which the rocket was fired, and also destroyed a Hamas weapons factory in Gaza. No injuries were reported.
August 20
At least 2 rockets
Multiple rockets struck an Israeli village near the Lebanese border, and Israel responded by striking militant positions within the Syrian Golan Heights. The rockets were fired from within Syria, and Israel blamed the group Islamic Jihad for the attack.
August 7
3 rockets
Three rockets were fired by Jihadist groups from the Gaza Strip. Two of these rockets exploded in Gaza and one made it to Israel; no injuries were reported.
August 1
2 rockets
Two rockets were fired by Hamas at Israel. The rockets landed in unpopulated areas near the border, no injuries reported.
June 6
2 rockets
Two rockets were fired from within Gaza on June 6, 2015. No casualties or significant damage were reported, and the rockets landed in empty fields. The Omar Brigades again claimed responsibility for this attack, and it seemed as if they were trying to provoke Israel into another was with Hamas. Israel bombed Hamas facilities in response, causing damage but no casualties.
June 2
2 rockets
Two rockets were fired from within Gaza on Wednesday, June 2, 2015, striking Southern Israel near Ashkelon. No significant damage or injuries were reported. In response to the attack the IDF carried out air strikes against the facility where they believed the rockets were fired from. A Salafist group associated with the Islamic State, the Omar Brigades, claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that it was in response to the Hamas police officers killing of an Islamic State supporter during the previous day.
May 26
1 rocket
At least one rocket was fired towards Israel from within the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. Sirens went off and explosions were heard in Southern Israel, but no injuries were reported. Israeli security officials believe that this attack was carried out by Palestinian Islamic Jihad members. In response, Israeli aircraft bombed four sites in Gaza the following day, known to be Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad training areas.
April 23
1 rocket
In the first rocket attack of 2015, Hamas militants fired a rocket into Israeli territory on Israel Independence Day. Israeli warning sirens sounded and the rocket exploded on impact but caused no casualties or damage. The IDF responded by shelling a base that was known to be used by the militant group, also causing no casualties.


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