Beware of These Cyber Threats in 2017


In light of all the controversy surrounding the presidential election this year and the most recent cyber hack of the San Francisco Muni Computer Network, businesses around the country are bracing for that next ‘big one’ that might be forthcoming in 2017.

Cyber security is a huge concern, not just in the United States, but around the globe.

No one is immune.

Experts have been studying the potential for terroristic activity and whether or not there will be any interruption in the national infrastructure which could result in billions of dollars in losses.

When all is said and done, no one knows where and when the next big hack could occur but these are the biggest threats many experts believe we are facing.

Widespread DDoS Attacks

Financial institutions are especially vulnerable to a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack.

In fact, any company that has online financial transactions could be brought to an immediate halt if this kind of an attack was launched in the US.

Students studying for online masters in computer science are eager to devise a platform that would be literally impenetrable, but to date, they have come close, but obviously not close enough.

Majorinstitutes of technology are focusing on protecting businesses of all types and all sizes, both private and public, from a Distributed Denial of Service hack.

Cyber Terrorist Attacks

Technology has advanced to such a level that it is almost unfathomable to even begin to imagine the amount of damage just one cyber terrorist attack could wreak on the nation.

It could close down the power grid, cause nuclear arms to launch, bring down the entire Internet, disrupt government operations, infiltrate the highest levels of security in government computers and so much more.

Cyberterrorist attacks are a very real threat and one that is a major focus of online masters in computer science programs around the country.

Bearing in mind that literally every smart device is connected in some way, there is no end to the amount of damage a single cyber terrorist attack could do.

A New Breed of Ransomware Is Looming Ahead

Anyone studying for an online MS computer science degree goes through segments on phishing and hacks but a new breed of ransomware is a very real threat.

This is where a hacker gets into a computer and literally takes control of your files by encrypting them with layers and layers of encryption that would take more money and more resources than you or your company has to get control back.

Just as the name sounds like it would mean, unless a sum of money is paid to the hacker, you’ll never get the code to unlock your files.

Thousands of these kinds of attacks happen each and every day in all sectors from private to corporate to government entities, and many security experts fear that 2017 may see record level cyber-attacks.

Be aware of the fact that these threats are very real.

Take time now to avoid major issues in 2017.


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