Russian Developer Creates Unique Construction Kit as an Alternative to Lego


Russian software specialist Dmitry Sokolov invented a unique construction set, based on the theoretical principles of geometry.

As compared to Lego, the new construction set called Fanclastic contains a lot of small elements, like crosses, corners and brackets.

These details enable the creation of advanced constructions as they can be attached to each other on all sides. By contrast, Lego parts can only be attached on the top or on the bottom, which significantly limits the design possibilities.


“The most important thing here is not the connective points themselves, but the placement of elements in the space. Regardless of what method will be used to join one piece to another, they will form two intertwined cubic lattices that will fill the space,” Sokolov told Sputnik Germany.

The inventor stressed that individual elements of the construction set can always be accurately combined with each other in any possible direction.

Fanclastic-inventor Dmitry Sokolov

According to Sokolov, he came up with the idea more than 10 years ago. As a child, he always loved construction kits, but he didn’t like the fact that with a standard set he could make only a limited number of models, namely those indicated on the packaging.

“I wanted to resolve this problem from a mathematical point of view. At some point, the solution formed in my head. It was over 10 years ago,” the programmer said.

Lego Militia Man

All in all, it took Sokolov and his team of 12 people four years and 35 million rubles (approx. 600,000 euro) to implement this idea. The construction set is produced by the Khrapunovskiy Tool Plant in Russia.Since autumn 2016, Fanclastic has been exported to the EU and is on sale in the Czech Republic.

In February, the new construction set was presented at an exhibition in Nurnberg, Germany.

fonte : sputnik


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