Saudi Special Security Forces enhance preparedness with Watan 87


JEDDAH: Special Security Forces are boosting their preparedness and performance levels through the second joint tactical training exercise, Watan 87, held at Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz City for Special Operations and Applications of Advanced Emergency Forces in Madinah.

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Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz
Security units belonging to the Ministry of Interior took part in the training exercise.
Exercises focused on coordination among the different participating branches and integration, and demonstrated a high level of preparedness of the troops who took part in them.
Specialized security units with a high degree of skills and proficiency participated in the advanced training.
Security agencies have a long record of performing joint training exercises with allied forces from other Muslim, or from Western or Eastern countries.
A Special Operations Forces unit participated in the training drill.

Specialized units from armory support, explosives removal, military security and logistical support also participated.
The training, monitored by Mohammed bin Naif, crown prince, deputy prime minister and minister of interior, aims to enhance the level of cooperation among all Ministry of Interior security sectors to better face emergency situations.
The exercise also aims to enhance control, communications and emergency management mechanisms in the security sector.

The exercise also highlights the skills and preparedness of the forces.
Training is carried out in accordance within an advanced security framework that incorporates an advanced methodology, and comprehensive training and coordination efforts in order to realize the highest objectives.


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