MUSUL : Liberating Forces Find Tons of ISIS Chemical Weapons


Tons of chemical weapons belonging to Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) were discovered by Iraqi security forces which are in the final stages of liberating Mosul.

A documented obtained by a Russian news outlet from Iraqi police headquarters revealed that that Iraq forces discovered 32.5 tons of ammonium nitrate being stored on the right bank of the Tigris River in Mosul and in the city’s southernmost tip as well.

The document also showed all of the losses experienced by ISIS from the beginning of the offensive (October 17, 2016) until the present. It showed as well that Iraqi forces have been able to free 21,220 civilians who had been trapped by the terror group in Mosul.

Also documented was the discovery of two mass graves in the southern part of the city.

ISIS previously used chemical gases against Iraqi security forces as well as the civilian population 10 times, including mustard and chlorine gases.

The use of these chemicals caused dozens of casualties, among them children and soldiers.


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