Ships Can Be Hacked By Exploiting VSAT Communication System


Satellite antenna systems are not spared from vulnerabilities and are quite prone to cyber-attacks, which makes devices and machinery from which these systems are connected to potential targets of hackers.

Until now we believed that ships sailing far away in the ocean are safe from the reach of cyber-criminals but latest research proves that even ships are not spared.

According to security researcher using the Twitter ID, “x0rz” Shipboard systems are quite vulnerable to hack attacks because of the faulty configuration of specific satellite antenna systems installed on them.

While having a conversation with The Next Web, x0rz stated that minor glitches in the configuration could help cyber-criminals in fulfilling their nefarious motives.

Shodan now live tracking ships via VSAT antennas exposing web services ‍♂️

The researcher used Shodan search engine to trace the exact location of ships having “Very Small Aperture Terminal satellite communications systems” installed and then used default login information available on the internet for accessing those systems.

He claimed that if an attacker gains access to VSAT system, a variety of tasks can be performed.

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Shodan now live tracking ships via VSAT antennas exposing web services ‍♂️  


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