Curiosity rover : Strangest things from Mars

Five years ago the Curiosity Mars rover of NASA landed on Mars, which is 154 million miles away from planet Earth.
Since then it has beamed back many images and data that people have had to look through to find things of interest.
The 7 strangest things the Curiosity rover beamed back from Mars (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)
It’s five years to the day since NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover touched down on the surface of Mars – a staggering 248 million kilometers (154 million miles) from Earth.

Curiosity has many a space nerd hooked to its updates, providing huge quantities of images and data to trawl through, and inspiring endless speculation over the Red Planet’s features (and inhabitants).

To mark Curiosity’s five years roaming our nearest planetary neighbor, takes a look back at some of the strangest images it beamed back to Earth.

1. Dust devils

Curiosity captured this amazing footage of dust devils whirling spectacularly on Mars as summer winds blew across the Red planet. Dust devils form as a result of sunshine warming the ground, causing the convective rising of air.

2. Bone-shaped rocks

In 2014, Curiosity set pulses racing with this incredible image reminiscent of a thigh bone. NASA was quick to dismiss such ideas, saying it likely shows rocks sculpted by wind or water erosion.

3. Star destroyer

This Curiosity image of its rocky Martian surroundings prompted UFO enthusiasts to claim it as evidence of an alien spacecraft on Mars. Funny how alien craft are eerily similar to those thought up by movie writers here on Earth!

4. Monster on Mars?

Earlier this month, alien hunters say they spotted a mysterious 'facehugger crab' on Mars hiding in a cave

The rover’s mission is to study Mars and determine if it hosts – or ever hosted – life. This photo of dusty, jagged rocks looks pretty innocuous at first glance, but some eagle-eyed observers claim it clearly shows a ‘space crab’ lurking in the shadows. One Mars exploration fanpage on Facebook even suggested it bore an eerie resemblance to the creepy facehuggers from the Alien movies.

5. The Coffin

Aliens don’t bury their dead – apparently, they just leave them in coffins on Mars’ surface for all eternity. At least that’s what was suggested when this oblong shape was snapped by Curiosity in late 2014.

6. Itself

Curiosity channeled its own narcissistic celebrity with a series of images last year. The Red Planet selfie, looking somewhat like a holiday snap, comprises of 60 images taken while drilling into rock.

7. The breasted alien

A raw image taken by the curiosity rover got the attention of many UFO fans who claimed to have spotted an alien “woman with breasts and long hair” who is “attentively watching” from afar.

From a ghostly woman to a military bunker, alien hunters have seen all manner of things on Mars. Shown here is a so-called 'coffin' was found by Will Farrar from WhatsUpintheSky37 as he trawled through a library of pictures sent back by the Mars rover Curiosity. The image pictured inset has been edited

Does this look like Obama? Seth Shostak, director of the Centre for SETI Research, claims we tend to use this ability to 'enrich our imagination' and recognise meaningful shapes, even when they're not there


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