5 Best Game Hacking Apps for Android


Note: This article discusses apps that belong to third-party sites and platform. Therefore, check for their permissions before installed on your device.

This is an era of Android mobile gaming. Whatever be the age or gender of a person, everyone is addicted to one game or the other. It is a fun related activity to spend your time.

But one thing that acts as an impasse condition in mobile gaming is many annoying features that comes with mobile Android gaming. Like frustrating ads, license verification thing, in-app purchases, freemium versions of the game and much more.

So to take you out of this difficult situation many avid gamers developed game hacking apps. In this article, we will be listing all best game hacker apps that work for android devices.

Game Killer

It is one of the best android game hacker apps that allows you to hack almost any game on your Android device. It enables you to modify or hack gems and coins, provides you a HEX editor functionality and allows you to save and load your memory locations.

The Game Killer app uses memory modifying technique, and therefore it is compatible with almost all Android versions. It needs root access to your device as it has to access some other apps to work.

Game Features

1 It requires root access.

2 You can lock games at a required level.

3 You can search for games with vague direction.

4 It uses memory modification technique.

How to use this app?

1 First, download and install Game Killer app on your Android device.

2 Now open the app and allow it for root access. Then minimize the game killer app.

3 Now open the game that you want to hack and jot down your current game points.

4 Now tap on the Game Killer icon which is available on the left side of the screen.

5 Now enter the game points that you already have and tap on the search icon. After that tap on Auto Identity.

6 Now go to options>data control>Modify all values.

7 A box will appear in front of you. Input the value of coins that you want to own and then tap on OK.

SB Game Hacker

SB game hacker app is another popular game hacking app for Android devices. It allows you to increase your game scores or points very easily just by hacking into the system of that game.

Apart from giving you free game points. It can also remove frustrating ads and can remove license verification step also. This app works only on a rooted device. Therefore, make sure that you have already rooted your device before using this app.

Game Features

1 It supports various languages like English and Chinese.

2 It enables data filtering.

How to use this app?

1 First, download SB Game Hacker apk for Android & install it on your device.

2 Now allow it for root access.

3 After that, minimize the app and open the game that you want to hack.

4 Now click on the settings icon which you can see in the left corner.

5 Input the game currency or points that you want to own and tap on modify.

That’s it. You will get that much amount in your game account.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an excellent app that allows you to manage and install other apps on your device. It also enables you to install new system apps. One of the best things about this software is-It allows you to remove ads; you can remove license verification also and can modify the memory of other games or apps.

It is mostly used when you want to hack in-app purchases of any game. It primarily works with offline Android games.

Game Features

1 You can remove ads from games and apps.

2 You can get free in-app purchases for your games.

3 You can easily remove license verification thing.

How to use this app?

1 First of all, download and install Lucky Patcher on your device.

2 Now open the app. Allow it for root access and tap on switches. A list will come in front of you. Tap on set switches to default.

3 Now open the game that you want to hack and try to buy something. Then you can see a window.

4 Just tap on yes.


Xmodgames is one of the best game hacking apps that allows you to mod games on your Android device.

This app will first scan your complete device to see all games stored on it, and then it browses the entire internet to get any trick that you can use to hack the game.

The best thing about this game is- It has a user-friendly interface.

Game Features

1 You get regular updates with this app.

2 It has thousands of game modes.

3 It has an automatic search feature for opponents.

How to use this app?

First, download and install Xmodgames app on your device.

1 Now open the app and allow it for root access. A screen will appear in front of you showing you all games that are already available on your device.

2 Now click on the app that you want to hack.

3 Finally, click on install button and wait for some time to get it completed.

4 Now click on launch. This will open up the game for you. Now tap on x-bot.

5 Then a window will pop up. Now click on Xmod.

6 Now turn on the features and close the floating window. Enjoy and play your game.

LeoPlay Card

LeoPlay Card app will allow you to play many android games for completely free. This app has an inbuilt card that allows you to use it for free on Google Play.

The best thing that comes with this app is- you don’t have to root your device which you have to do in most other apps.

Game Features

1 It doesn’t require rooting of your device.

2 You can make unlimited in-app purchases.

3 It is compatible with almost all apps.

4 It can bypass the payment option.

How to use this app?

1 First of all, you have to download and install LeoPlay Card on your android device. Now tap on enable.

2 Now open any app that is already on your Android device and that requires in-app purchases.

3 Now tap on the Pay option, and you can see the Google Play payment box.

4 Just click on the pay button, and your payment is successful. In case if it asks for credit or debit card details then it means that LeoPlay card does not support this app/game.

That’s it. Surely this list will help you and make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Thanks for your reading.


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