Israeli Firm Offering WiFi Interception Service to Law Enforcement Agencies


Israel has some most advanced surveillance tools industry and at the same time, it has most active, strong and somewhat notorious security firms who sell malicious software and malware to governments across the globe, and their business is growing day-by-day.

Cellebrite is one good example.

Now it is time to welcome a new entrant at the Israeli digital mafia spectrum called WiSpear.

It is a firm that is focusing on capturing the Wi-Fi interception domain of the market.

It is a technology that is in great demand nowadays, and every state-owned institution including intelligence agencies, law enforcement, and military agencies pay hackers to infiltrate the networks of their targets.

“WiSpear designs and develops Wi-Fi intelligence and interception products that enable Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), Intelligence and Homeland Security organizations to overcome Wi-Fi intelligence challenges,” claims the firm.

Intelligence Online discovered the new Israeli firm, and as per reports, the firm was launched in 2016.

Ex-commander of the Special Operations Unit of Israeli Defense Force’s Intelligence Corps was responsible for selling the “SpearHead Wi-Fi Man-in-the-middle platform,” reports CyberScoop.

Israeli firm WiSpear offering WiFi interception for Law Enforcement Agencies

The software was capable of easily intercepting any required Wi-Fi signal from longest possible ranges and steal information from the networks such as social media passwords and other communications.

The software can integrate with “any infection” method while the program’s USP (unique selling point) is its capability of interception a connection from distance of kilometers.

It is worth noting that WiSpear was established by 25-year IDF veteran Tal Dilian who is responsible for the 2009 launch of Circles, another company that was founded to perform real-time interception of data from 3G networks.

Circles, now owned by another Israeli hacking firm NSO Group, performed its task in a variety of ways such as exploiting Signalling System No. 7 vulnerabilities, which is a 50-year old protocol that is probably part of a majority of cell phones and text messages in the world.

Many of the previous personnel from different ventures of Dilian are now part of the WiSpear franchise.

This includes Itay Rudy, who worked with Dilian at Stratasys and is currently chief financial officer at WiSpear.

IDF’s top tier intelligence unit’s engineers and architects including the Unit 8200 are now part of WiSpear.

The company will soon become a famous name as it will be advertised about at numerous trade industry shows like the spy-tech exhibition called the Wiretapper’s Ball, ISS World and France’s military industry event Milipol.

WiSpear is being promoted as the best firm in class-range performance for having the beamforming antenna technology, which focuses a signal in particular direction to acquire stronger signals and wider range.

Israeli firm Magen 100’s MABIT Scope, a tool made to reinvent Wi-Fi interception, is among the biggest competitions of WiSpear.


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