MekaMon robot from Reach Robotics is now ready for battle


Talk about game-changing robots.

A UK team have created a robot weighing about 2.2 pounds that you just take out of the box and proceed to put together with an easy setup, to unleash it into play either in your real world or in augmented reality mode.

There is another option:
Use it against other MekaMon robots in real-world game warfare.

This is Reach Robotics’ first product.

They are headquartered in Bristol, UK and they have introduced MekaMon, available now.

The robot can perform in single-player or multi-player action mode.

You make it come alive via a smartphone app and you control it with your smartphone. You can play with in AR mode to battle opponents.

You can have it fight against other players in real-life battles.

In solo mode, “players must fight off virtual on-screen enemies,” said designboom. In multiplayer mode, two robots “must disable one another’s units.”

You can find it on Apple’s site and Reach Robotics’ website as well as in Apple stores. The price is $299.95.

Reach Robotics, founded in 2013 by Silas Adekunle (CEO), Chris Beck (CTO) and John Rees (COO), have worked up this next generation robotics platform. The team members were keen to do something that could result in mashed-up mobile gaming and augmented reality.

The game system they have fashioned is so easy to play, but designed as a challenge to master. One can sharpen skills in single-player mode or plunge into warfare with other bots.

Eric Abent in SlashGear looked at all the ways to exercise this mechanical fighter.

“Simulator mode is a king-of-the-hill style game that pits you against wave after wave of enemies, while Dropzone is a sandbox pilot mode that allows you take your MekaMon for a test spin.

There’s also an Arcade mode that features a bunch of different mini games to check out, while the exploratory Pilot mode supplements all of that by letting you test out MekaMon’s animations.”

If you watch the video showing the robot in action, it is easy to understand when Silas Adekunle, co-founder, CEO, says, in a report from Reuters, “Think of it as a videogame character in real life.”

MekaMon robots are controlled by a free smartphone app, connected via Bluetooth.

They present numerous options for getting your MekaMon moving about—left right, forward, backward, rotating.

MekaMon offers a range of movements and animations.

“Fluid movement and lifelike animations of unparalleled detail thanks to twelve degrees of freedom across four mechanical legs,” is a website description of this robot with its modular design, including detachable legs with 3 degrees of motion. Features include 4 sensors that can measure location and distance, and track opponents.

This robot can be controlled with either Android or iOS apps, not just iOS.

The MekaMon gaming robot, weighs about 2.2 pounds. It is 11.8in x 11.8in x 5.9in in dimension.

Directions in the video said to insert the rechargeable battery in the chest area. Once assembled, MekaMon comes to life. The battery takes an hour to fully charge and will provide an hour and a half of playtime per charge, depending on game-play.


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