ISIS Calls for Attacks on American Kids


ISIS is calling for attacks on American children in revenge for U.S. airstrikes that killed Syrian children, Newsweek reported.

Communicating on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, one ISIS supported texted, “I wish that I could travel to Europe or America or Australia and, by Allah, burn their children with oil in place of their men and women.

I would not choose a market, club, shopping center, or park…no…no…no…I would choose a kindergarten and a maternity hospital to slaughter them.”

The message, which originated from the pro-ISIS media group the al-Qastantiyyah Foundation, was a call for “lone wolf” attacks in the West.

“ISIS has made numerous justifications of killing children, stating in issue five of its Rumiyah magazine: ‘One should not grieve over the collateral killing of kafir [infidel] women and children’,” Rita Katz, director of the SITE Intelligence group, told Newsweek.

The threat comes amid Russian airstrikes at the beginning of the week on Al-Shafah a town located in eastern Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (based in the UK) said 53 people were killed in the strikes, including 21 children.

The ongoing battle against ISIS makes avoiding civilian deaths nearly impossible as the modus operandiof the terror group is to hide among civilian populations.

Watch the trailer to Clarion Project’s upcoming film KiDS: Inside the Terror Factory (working title), a documentary exploring the complex topic of the exploitation of children by extremists. 



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