AI-Powered Search Engine Ella Searches Security Footage with Keywords


New AI-Powered Search Engine Ella lets users search their security and surveillance footages with keywords and find the exact thing they are looking for.

Searching for a particular vehicle, object, individual or event from recorded footages of security cameras is indeed a daunting task as it requires immense time and effort to scan through the entire footage to check out a single scene.

However, renowned digital surveillance and security tech services provider firm IC Realtime has introduced a new cloud-based AI-enabled search engine Ella that solves this issue to a great extent.

The deep-learning based search engine is equipped with natural language search function that allows users of surveillance cameras to search across recorded video footage.

Apart from deep-learning capabilities, Ella also uses algorithmic tools to recognize objects, colors, vehicles, animals, and individuals from security camera footages.

Ella: The AI-Powered Search Engine for Security & Surveillance Video


Hence, Ella makes even a nanosecond of footage easily searchable by letting users type in queries such as to find a white truck and Ella would instantly provide relevant results by exploring hours of footages.

Ella has been designed in collaboration with tech firm Camio, a start-up established by former Google employees. According to Camio CEO Carter Maslan, the basic idea originated from a normal question”

“If we can search the entire internet in under a second, why can’t we do the same with video feeds?”

About collaboration with IC Realtime, Camio CEO noted that the company believed “IC Realtime is the perfect partner to bring this advanced video search capability to the global surveillance and security market because of their knowledge and experience with the needs of users in this space.

Ella is the result of our partnership in fine-tuning the service for security applications.”

Traditional security camera systems let users search for events by time, date and camera type while the average cameras contain less than two minutes of useful images while recording videos 24/7.

The results of our queries are quite broad-ranged and non-specific most of the times and we manually need to do sifting that involves hours and hours of our precious time.

However, with Ella, this issue will be resolved as the search engine highlights all the interesting events and allows quick searching across the footages.

After being connected to the internet, Ella starts learning and tagging all the objects that are being recorded by the camera; the software is already loaded with recognition capabilities spanning over thousands of objects such as all the makes and models of cars. This is how users are able to search for their required images or objects within seconds.

Ella: The AI-Powered Search Engine for Security & Surveillance Video

Ella also resolves limited bandwidth issue for HD streaming cameras or NVR by featuring interest-based video compression instead of pushing the entire video to the cloud.

Machine learning algorithms in Ella allow it to recognize patterns of motion in every camera scene and identified what is interesting in every scene.

HD recording starts only if Ella believes something is important.

Through learning from the system’s recording, Ella potentially reduces false positives, such as swaying of a tree in the wind might not be considered important by Ella while a delivery truck would be deemed important by its software. Unimportant events are stored in low-resolution, a time-lapse format so as to ensure uninterrupted security coverage 24/7.

As per IC Realtime CEO Matt Sailor, “the video search capabilities delivered by Ella haven’t been feasible in the security and surveillance industry before today. This new solution brings intelligence and analytics to security cameras around the world; Ella is a hardware agnostic approach to cloud-based analytics that instantly moves any connected surveillance system into the future.”

Both professional surveillance cameras and DIY security cameras will be compatible with Ella. The Subscription price for Ella starts from $6.99 per month and the price will increase according to the storage and analysis features required for every project.


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