Are probiotics really useful ?


The World Health Organization defines a probiotic as the set of microorganisms that are able to improve the health of the host.
Probiotic is a term not to be confused with prebiotic that refers instead to all those substances contained in food and that are not absorbed by the intestine of the host but that serve for the nourishment of its intestinal flora.
Today we are bombarded with advertising messages that to amplify the sale of the product or yogurt give to understand that their intake acts against diarrhea, in the intent of a flat abdomen, in the case of intestinal irregularity, in the increase of immune defenses etc …
I would like to point out that every intestinal bacterial flora called microbiome has a composition that varies greatly from one person to another so if it were true that a probiotic could simulate the real composition of the bacterial flora would be a “MIRACLE” !!!
Certainly probiotics can help us but in a very limited way keeping in mind that 80% of the microorganisms that make up our human intestinal bacterial flora are anaerobic, that is oxygen-free, therefore it is difficult to consume them since they are not grown and easily stored in aerobic condition.
Usually the bacterial strains used in probiotics and yogurt available on the market, pharmacies and herbalists are limited to about twenty families, no matter if each probiotic capsule contains billions, while our intestinal bacterial flora has an ecosystem that counts decides of trillions.
At this point the 20 strains are not able to protect, restore, and increase our immune defenses but act for a minimum part and it is important to understand that they are not sufficient.
In order to restore normalization of intestinal bacterial flora the best results were obtained with the integration of fiber rich foods such as potatoes, apples, bananas, lentils, chicory etc … with results both in pathological and normal conditions.



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