iTunes will no longer work on old PCs & 1st Generation Apple TV


iTunes will stop working on millions of devices as of May 25, 2018. This Monday, 26 February, Apple announced that it will terminate music store support for Windows XP and Vista computers.

Another product that will be discontinued is the first generation of Apple TV.

Starting in May, users won’t be able to buy or download movies and music to their iTunes library. The same goes for the Apple Music service.

While users can still use iTunes on old PCs, no support will be provided by Apple anymore.

According to its support page, Apple explained that it will introduce security measures into the iTunes Store from May 25. However, since Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported by Microsoft, the iPhone maker has chosen not to release the changes to these platforms.

The justification is similar for Apple TV, launched in 2007, which is declared an “obsolete” product.

“You can continue to use previous versions of iTunes on your Windows PC without support from Apple. However, you won’t be able to make new purchases from the iTunes Store or redownload previous purchases on that computer.”

To continue accessing your iTunes library, the user will have to upgrade their PC to versions from Windows 7 or buy an Apple TV from the second generation.

According to Apple, content that is already downloaded on these machines will continue to function normally, but without enterprise support.


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