US Kratos Defense & Security Solution Cleared to Export Jet Powered Combat Drones

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, a manufacturer of jet-powered tactical unmanned aerial drone systems, will soon offer its Mako militarized, combat unmanned aerial vehicles systems for export, following approval of such export by the U.S. State Department to ‘certain European and Asia Pacific region countries’ (believed to be the UK and Australia).
Kratos UTAP-22 Mko provides fighter-like performance and is designed to function as a wingman to manned aircraft, as a force multiplier in contested airspace, or be deployed independently or in groups of UAS.

Based upon the proven success of the U.S. Air Force BQM-167A aerial target, the Kratos Unmanned Tactical Aerial Platform (UTAP-22) provides the warfighter with an affordable, fighter-like unmanned aircraft capable of collaborative operations with manned assets in contested environments.
With an operational ceiling of 50,000 feet and a top speed exceeding .9 Mach, the Kratos UTAP-22 high-performance design provides an unmanned partner/Wingman to the warfighter.

The Kratos UTAP-22 approach allows flexibility in command and control architecture, ample payload capacity, and flexible vehicle signatures in a low cost system. Utilizing a minimal footprint rocket assisted launch and precision parachute recovery; the Kratos UTAP-22 solution can operate in austere locations without a runway.
The versatile design of the Kratos UTAP-22 supports various mission requirements by accepting a wide array of internal and external payloads. The large, configurable auxiliary bays provide up to 8.5 cubic feet of payload volume.
Additional payloads may be incorporated after thorough review. Customer-furnished payloads may be considered for integration. Please contact CEi for more information.

According to Steve Fendley, Unmanned Systems Division President of Kratos, the recent approval represents an important step in the company’s roadmap of becoming the global leader in high-performance jet unmanned aerial drone systems.

“These U.S. ally and partner nations represent a key part of our existing, new, and evolving customer base and are a critical element in enabling Kratos to maintain its economy of scale related cost advantage for the Tactical UAS that we routinely achieve with our unmanned aerial target systems.”

Fendley said, “Kratos has experienced significant growth over the past few years, we are forecasting this growth to continue in 2018, and this approval for Kratos to market Kratos tactical UAS internationally positions us for continued and potentially even stronger growth in future years.”

The judges said Kratos was selected for its “tenacious development of the UTAP-22 Mako, a militarized UAV derived from the U.S. Air Force’s BQM-167 aerial target drone.”

“We believe that the Mako is a game changer for both our National Security customers and for Kratos.” said Eric DeMarco, President & CEO of Kratos, “With its low cost, runway independence, and extreme high performance, the Mako can be tasked in support of manned fighter jets, or conduct independent missions, and in either case can be deployed in small numbers or in large quantities; ultimately changing the nature of force multiplication, distributed lethality, and aerial combat.”


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