PS4 Firmware 4.55 Modified to Be Compatible with Firmware 5.50


It was just last week when hackers identified a way to exploit PlayStation 4 (PS4) Firmware 4.05 or 4.55 for running Linux via the PS4 Linux Loader payload tool.

In this particular technique, hackers leveraged IDC kernel exploit.

At that time, the exploit was compatible with selected systems that run firmware 4.55 and support FAT filesystem.

However, as per latest reports, a hacker using the alias qwertyoruiop has used the same technique to run Linux on PS4 Firmware 5.50.

It must be noted that Sony had already patched the exploit from the kernel of PS4 Firmware 5.50 but seems like qwertyoruiop has rewritten the public WebKit exploit so that the systems that have been updated could run firmware 5.50.

Qwertyoruiop bragged about his achievement on Twitter where he claimed that his hacking technique is 100% reliable.

Fans of homebrew software and hacking enthusiasts must be feeling jubilant with this news as they can expect to run Linux on their gaming consoles and assist users in jailbreaking Sony’s latest gaming console PlayStation 4 for playing pirated versions of games.

Though we are not at all encouraging use of pirated software at any device let alone on such a prestigious console like PS4, if you do want to try out the public WebKit from qwertyoruiop then open on your PS4 running firmware 5.50.

The link will open in the built-in web browser of PS4.

It is obvious that Sony will soon be releasing a new firmware to patch the latest exploits. Meanwhile, to run Linux on PS4, you can stick to using the 4.55 firmware as well as PS4 Payload Sender tools for hacking the console and run a GNU/Linux distribution.

To perform the task successfully, you need to follow developer’s instructions that are available on their GitHub page.


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