Six Methods to Create a Secure Password You’ll Actually Remember [INFOGRAPHIC]


In today’s world, you need a password to get into anything online. You want to check your email?

You need a password. You want to chat with friends?

Type in your password.

You need to play a game?
Password. Your whole online life is dependent on a short series of keyboard characters, which could very well spell out the name of your children or your pet.

Your password is your personal ticket to the Internet. It can change your life for the worse if it had gotten into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, a large percentage of users have weak passwords.

And a weak password can easily allow other people to gain access to your online account, and when this happens, your personal, medical and even financial information may be revealed and compromised.

Hackers might purchase things using your money, empty your bank account, download your personal files, steal your identity and even humiliate you using information that you have secretly stored in one of your accounts.

Your password can be your only protection from the vast world wide web and the sinister people lurking behind it.

Don’t create a weak password that won’t even take a minute to guess. Make it so hard for
hackers to take over your accounts.

Check out this infographic presented by about the Six Methods to Create a Secure Password You’ll Actually Remember



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