WiFi passwords from airports worldwide


You know when you miss your flight or when there is a delay in flight, and there is nothing you can do but sit at the airport and wait for our turn?

That is the time you may want to connect to the publicly available WiFi, but the network is either insecure or asks for your credit card information.

Now there is an interactive map that shows username and passwords of WiFi connections for almost all the airports around the world.

Yes, an IT security researcher and travel blogger Anil Polat has created a unique map called WiFox for passengers to find WiFi passwords so you can kill time before your flight. The map is updated on a regular basis where new airports are added each day.

Once a user clicks on the desired airport the map displays airport’s name, such as name KL International Airport description, Network name, and its Password free.

We tried clicking on Oslo.

There everyone gets two hours free WiFi, but as the map says all you have to do is put in a .edu email address and you have unlimited access. Neat, isn’t it?

Just click on the airplane icon one by one to view login details.

Dear reader, please remember that using a public or open WiFi connection is not something that is recommended.

In theory, all the data on your phone and any connected device, computer and service can be accessed by a malicious actor.

At a minimum, you should always run a VPN on your device. In this case, use Tor Onion Browser or use ProtonVPN, a free VPN from ProtonMail or download free Avira VPN for Android devices only!

You can also download WiFox’s apps on Android and iOS.

Also, an IT security company Skycure has launched a tool, which, based on your location, will alert you in case there is a malicious WiFi network near you.

We took advantage of the tool and found several potentially dangerous networks. In case you are a traveler give this tool a try.

Scan result shows fake WiFi spot at Rio airport.


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