Aibo 2.0 is a major step up from the original robotic puppy dog first launched by Sony


Yawn. Another homebody robot placed on pre-order, worthy of news headlines? This one is grabbing media nonethless.

After all, the story is about Aibo, a robot dog that its designers crafted to melt hearts. Sony has made its new, improved Aibo available for sale in the US, now for pre-order.

Aibo 2.0 is a major step up from the original robotic puppy dog first launched by Sony back in 1999.

The Daily Mail reported that Aibo can grow and change, updating its data in the cloud; a memory database enables its personality with its owner to grow and evolve over time.

To sweeten the suggestion that people should order one, the offer is not only for a robot but an Aibo kit.

The puppy comes with

(1) Cloud plan good for three years

(2) pink ball

(3) aibone

(4) charging station and

(5) individually numbered dog tag.

The AI Cloud plan would leverage future growth in functionality with new tricks, new features and new AI capabilities.

If the Aibo First Litter Edition, as it is called, sounds royal, so is its price, which could be your way of letting your neighbors know that your financial future is no longer an issue. For $2,899.99, Aibo will be a part of your future. Sony said arrival for the 4.85 pound ivory wonder is targeted for December, in time for the holidays.

The product may appeal to enthusiastic early adopters. “That said,” commented Brian Heater in TechCrunch, “the product sold surprisingly well in Japan, at around 20,000 units.”

While for some the price may seem too much to handle, robot enthusiasts will recognize that its actuators and sensors do make Aibo special. Words are not needed. One can see Aibo on the site to understand it not only moves like a real dog but also has a unique personality special to the way the dog and its owner interact.

Nonetheless, its engineers were prudent to give Aibo its own likes and dislikes: It loves anything pink, but “it’s not a big fan of heights or tight places,” said Sony.

Jon Fingas in Engadget referred to the new Aibo as an ever-evolving companion.

Annie Palmer in Daily Mail reported that Aibo can grow and change, updating its data in the cloud. Its memory database helps create its unique personality to grow and evolve over time, such that the owner’s style in interacting with Aibo shapes its personality. Amenable, gentler buddy companion?

Fun-loving active dog? Aibo is what you want it to be.

Palmer in Daily Mail noted the Aibo now coming with “tons of cameras, touch sensors and microphones to make it more responsive and lifelike”—many parts and actuators. Reports said Aibo responds to your touch when you scratch it and can recognize words of praise.

Sony Electronics executive Mike Fasulo said this to TechCrunch. “There’s 4,000 parts in this product. Its eyes are made of OLEd, which makes it adorable, but also makes it a great device for photo capturing.

The core technology inside is built around our image sensors. It’s got 22 axes of movement and more flexibility than I’ve seen in a robot.

It’s showing Sony’s innovation and commit to the future and probably a bit of branding along the way.”

The eyes got special heart-bonding treatment with its two Sony organic LED displays that can follow its owner around.

Sony said Aibo will be exhibited in New York until October 14 and the exhibit is open to the public.


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