Guidelines For Maintaining Testosterone Levels


Testosterone is the queen hormone in the world of fitness, we commonly associate it with a greater libido and a greater capacity to create muscle tissue.

And although this is true, the positive effects of testosterone do not end there, maintaining adequate levels of testosterone allow maintaining an optimal state of health:

it is important when it comes to combat and prevent depression, helps maintain adequate levels of sugar in blood and prevents the metabolic syndrome, keeps your heart and bones strong and resistant and most importantly, keeps you alive, you feel good.

But, we must also bear in mind that testosterone levels are progressively reduced according to the age, having a peak after 40 years, beyond that the problem is that today due to our lifestyle (and the high levels of obesity) most people do not have optimal testosterone levels, and we do not talk about people over 40, we speak in a general way.

And although there is no direct way to increase Testosterone levels except with the use of illegal substances, if it is true that there are certain recommendations that will allow us at least, that our testosterone levels remain at an adequate level, that is, it is not about increasing our levels, it is about preventing them from being reduced rather.

1. Percentage Of Elevated Body Fat

If you have a high percentage of body fat you do not need magic recipes or creams that do not work, you need to lose body fat, it’s that simple.

We know that an excess of body fat increases the activity of aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to estragon, leading to lower levels of testosterone and other possible problems.

2. Chronic Inflammation

The previous point is very related to this, chronic inflammation, another point to consider if you want to increase or prevent testosterone levels are drastically reduced.

Chronic inflammation interferes with the production of testosterone, therefore, if this is caused by an excess of body fat, attacking the first point we will solve both.

3. Insulin Resistance

Another related point, if you have an excess of body fat probably not only have the problem of point 1 and 2, but also some resistance to insulin.

A good recommendation is to try to follow a low-carbohydrate diet, perform intense workouts and add some low-intensity cardiovascular exercise.

Insulin resistance can negatively influence testosterone levels.

4. Lack Of Rest

The points mentioned above and the gain of body fat are not the only one that can harm and reduce your testosterone levels.

Rest is one of the best (and most underrated) tools to increase testosterone levels, or at least prevent them from being reduced.

As you get older, hours of sleep are a reliable indicator of testosterone levels in the morning, reaching a peak in the 8 hours of sleep (1).

In fact, this study concludes that sleeping 5 hours a day reduces testosterone levels between 10 and 15% in healthy men.

5. Stress

The environment in which we live currently keeps us in constant tension, stress is not a problem, in fact, it is a help, but chronic stress is a problem, and fat.

It must also be borne in mind that training is a stress for the body, for the same reason has been established in the scientific literature low levels of testosterone as a symptom of overtraining.

In short, chronic stress can increase cortisol levels and reduce the levels of testosterone, so it is a factor to consider.

6. Nutritional Deficiencies

Although it is difficult to increase testosterone levels through diet, if there are certain important micronutrients, and their supplementation is not necessary, simply ensure an adequate supply of these through diet.

For example, zinc and vitamin D are very important for the production of testosterone, and although raising levels of vitamin D through diet is difficult, it must be borne in mind that a deficit of this vitamin can reduce levels of vitamin D. testosterone


The points that I mentioned are not ordered from more to less importance, much less, as I said follow these tips will not increase your testosterone levels, in which case they will prevent them from being reduced.

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