SMASH Dragon application for armed drones


Fire control systems expert SMART-SHOOTER introduced the SMASH Dragon application for armed drones.

The new system employs an advanced remotely controlled robotic weapon payload on different drones or unmanned aerial platforms. The system completed live firing tests and is currently under advanced stages of development.

SMASH Dragon is an advanced robotic weaponry payload that can be mounted on different drones and other Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). It can incorporate various types of assault rifles, sniper rifles, 40mm, and other ammunition with great precision.

Extremely lightweight and therefore allowing long mission endurance, SMASH Dragon integrates a unique stabilization concept with the SMASH technology that enables the system to accurately hit static and moving targets while flying. 

While drones are highly versatile weaponized platforms when deploying precision-guided weapons, mounting direct firing weapons is challenging due to stability issues. So far, using weapon stations designed for ground platforms proved ineffective mainly due to the weight and delayed control loop limiting fire accuracy even at short range.

Featuring SMASH’s proprietary target acquisition and tracking algorithms as well as sophisticated computer vision capabilities, the remotely operated SMASH Dragon offers the SMASH technology’s fast and precise hit capabilities and other exclusive benefits while engaging targets from the air.

“Smart Shooter’s SMASH technology offers precise elimination of threats at ground, air and sea,” said Michal Mor, SMART SHOOTER CEO. “We are now happy to offer the same precise, combat-proven target engagement technology mounted on an unmanned aerial platform that can be controlled from a distance. 

“When it comes to drones, platform weight is a critical factor as it impacts mission endurance and cost, and we are proud to announce that the extremely lightweight SMASH Dragon meets this criterion.” 

SMASH 2000

SMASH 2000 is a combat-proven Fire Control System which was designed to ensure each round finds its target, in both day and night conditions, as well as keeping friendly forces safe.

Our proprietary target acquisition and tracking algorithms are integrated with sophisticated image-processing software into a rugged hardware solution, providing an easy to use and cost-effective solution that creates the required overmatch. SMARTSHOOTER’s fire control solutions are designed to give soldiers and law enforcement officers a decisive tactical edge in almost every operational scenario, maximizing force lethality and operational effectiveness throughout every engagement.


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