COVID-19 increases the risk of mortality within 30 days of infection


Unlike the earlier SARS-CoV-2 variants like the wildtype Wuhan variant or the Alpha or Delta variants, the newer variants are unlikely to cause disease severity during the acute phase of infection even for some of those in the vulnerable groups (ie the aged above 65 years, the obese, those with existing comorbidities like diabetes hypertension, heart and kidney issues, the immunocompromised and those with certain genetic issues) but emerging preliminary data is showing that with increased mortality within 30 days of infection is increased and also the long term effects of infection are more debilitating with fatal outcomes more common.

Early data and COVID-19 Updates from Sweden for instance is showing increased mortality with 30 days of infection after contracting the virus especially in the December 2022 and early January 2023 COVID-19 onslaught. Most of these deaths are often being classified as excess deaths!

The same is also occurring in Australia, United Kingdom Japan, Canada and elsewhere where individuals despite not exhibiting disease severity during acute phase, many are dying subsequently from heart failures, postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS), sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADs), strokes, aneurysms, sepsis, intestinal ischemia, etc
Careful examination of excess deaths in all these countries especially since November 2022 will show proof of the increasing mortality 30 days after acute infection.

Main points

  • In the week ending 23 December 2022 (Week 51), 14,530 deaths were registered in England and Wales; 429 of these deaths mentioned “novel coronavirus (COVID-19)”, accounting for 3.0% of all deaths.
  • This is an increase in all deaths compared with the week ending 16 December 2022 (Week 50), when the number of all-cause deaths registered was 12,389; COVID-19 accounted for 390 of these deaths (3.1%).
  • Of the 429 deaths involving COVID-19 in Week 51, 71.8% (308 deaths) had this recorded as the underlying cause of death, which was a greater proportion when compared with Week 50 (66.9%).
  • The number of deaths was above the five-year average in private homes (37.5% above, 1,120 excess deaths), hospitals (18.8% above, 1,031 excess deaths), care homes (10.5% above; 282 excess deaths) and other settings (7.0% above, 61 excess deaths) in Week 51 in England and Wales.
  • Deaths due to influenza and pneumonia have increased in recent weeks, to 829 deaths in the week ending 23 December, an increase of 329 deaths compared to week ending 9 December (500 deaths).
  • Because of the bank holidays, data for Scotland are not available so we cannot provide a Scotland or UK figure for Week 51, these data will be updated in the next publication being released on 10 January 2023.



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