ImaginDairy: Revolutionizing Dairy Production with Bioengineered Mushroom Milk Proteins


In a groundbreaking development, the Israeli startup ImaginDairy has harnessed the power of bioengineering to produce a wide array of dairy products without relying on traditional cow-based methods.

By ingeniously manipulating mushroom DNA, ImaginDairy has achieved what many considered impossible: recreating milk proteins that are healthier, more sustainable, and cost-effective.

This article explores the remarkable innovation behind ImaginDairy’s dairy revolution, the benefits it brings to both the environment and consumers, and its potential to disrupt the global dairy market.

Harnessing the Power of DNA

ImaginDairy, headquartered in Haifa, has leveraged freely available DNA codes for milk proteins to recreate these crucial components. These codes are publicly accessible on the US government’s National Center for Biotechnology Information website. The primary milk proteins, whey and casein, constitute the building blocks of virtually all dairy products. Casein alone accounts for approximately 80% of bovine milk’s protein content, with whey contributing the remaining 20%.

The Ingenious Process of Precision Fermentation

ImaginDairy employs a technique known as precision fermentation to replicate these milk proteins in a laboratory setting. While precision fermentation has been utilized in the food industry for decades, ImaginDairy’s application is unique. They insert modified DNA into a specific location within a fungus’s DNA, effectively co-opting the fungus’s natural regulatory elements and production capabilities to synthesize the desired milk protein. This ingenious approach allows ImaginDairy to produce these proteins without relying on cows.

The Rapid Growth of Mushrooms

Mushrooms serve as the ideal platform for this bioengineering feat. They are not only easy and cost-effective to cultivate but also possess a remarkable growth rate, doubling in size every 24 hours. In just four days after emerging from the soil, these mushrooms can be harvested, making them a highly efficient resource for protein production.

Creating Dairy Products with a Green Twist

Once the mushrooms have generated the necessary milk protein, ImaginDairy incorporates plant-based fats, carbohydrates, and other ingredients to craft a wide range of dairy products, from milk to cheese and even ice cream. These plant-based fats are commonly found in sources like flaxseeds, coconuts, hemp seeds, avocados, olives, nuts, and sesame seeds.

Decades of Research and Development

ImaginDairy’s proprietary process is the culmination of over two decades of research and development led by Prof. Tamir Tuller, the company’s co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, who heads the Computational Systems and Synthetic Biology lab at Tel Aviv University. With a background in biochemical engineering, Eyal Afergan, the CEO and co-founder of ImaginDairy, spearheads the company’s innovative endeavors.

A Greener, Healthier, and More Ethical Alternative

ImaginDairy’s production method offers a host of advantages over traditional dairy farming. Notably, it is significantly more eco-friendly, utilizing over 90% less water and emitting 97% fewer carbon emissions than conventional methods. Moreover, it requires just 1% of the land needed for traditional dairy farming and generates zero methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas produced by cows’ digestive systems.

In terms of health benefits, ImaginDairy products maintain the nutritional benefits of milk while eliminating lactose, making them suitable for the 65% of the world’s population that struggles to digest lactose. Furthermore, these products contain no cholesterol, hormones, or antibiotics, rendering them suitable for vegans and health-conscious consumers alike.

Disrupting the Dairy Market

ImaginDairy is not the only player in the precision fermentation game, but its approach promises uniquely high volumes of dairy products. The company aims to challenge the prevailing narrative of high-cost, low-volume dairy farming by leveraging cutting-edge technology to maximize productivity.

The Global Dairy Market

The global dairy market is immense, valued at approximately $893 billion in 2022 and projected to reach $1,243 billion in the next five years. ImaginDairy seeks to revolutionize this market by dramatically increasing production efficiency, envisioning a world where 40 liters of milk can be obtained from a single source, as opposed to the meager one liter produced by a cow each day.

Support and Investment

ImaginDairy’s journey has been fueled by various sources of support and investment. Initial funding came from the government-owned Israel Innovation Authority, the Kitchen Hub (a food tech project by Israeli food giant Strauss), and numerous venture capitalists. Notably, ImaginDairy has recently secured investment from Danone Group, one of the world’s largest dairy companies and a producer of alternative milk products.

Market Expansion and Regulatory Approval

Although ImaginDairy’s dairy products are not yet on the market, they have already developed a range of products, including yogurt, milk, ice cream, and cheese, on a commercial scale. These products have received a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) classification from the US Food and Drug Administration, paving the way for their sale in American stores. The United States is the company’s first targeted location, with the Israeli market next on the horizon.


ImaginDairy’s bioengineered mushroom milk proteins represent a remarkable leap forward in dairy production. By harnessing the power of precision fermentation and mushrooms, ImaginDairy offers a greener, healthier, and more sustainable alternative to traditional dairy farming. As the global demand for dairy products continues to rise, ImaginDairy stands at the forefront of a dairy revolution, poised to disrupt the industry with its innovative approach. With support from investors and regulatory approvals in hand, ImaginDairy is on the cusp of transforming the way we think about dairy production and consumption, delivering a win-win solution for both the planet and consumers.

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