Revolutionizing Home Diagnostics: The SaliStick Saliva-Based Pregnancy Test and Beyond


Women around the world have long relied on pregnancy tests to determine whether they are expecting a baby. Traditionally, these tests involved a somewhat messy process, requiring a steady hand and a bathroom break. However, a groundbreaking innovation is changing the game: the SaliStick test, developed by Jerusalem startup Salignostics, offers a simple and clean alternative using saliva, without compromising accuracy.

The brainchild of Prof. Aaron Palmon and his team of co-founders, including Guy Krief, the SaliStick test represents a significant leap forward in home diagnostics. Drawing on their expertise in saliva analysis, the team recognized the potential of this readily available bodily fluid for diagnosing various conditions. Saliva, often overlooked in medical diagnostics, serves as a gateway to the body, containing valuable information about an individual’s health status.

The journey of Salignostics began with a vision for accessible, reliable, rapid, and low-cost diagnostics. With saliva as their focal point, the team set out to develop a series of home diagnosis kits, starting with the pregnancy test. The simplicity of the SaliStick test is its hallmark – comprising just two tubes, one for saliva collection and the other for testing, it offers ease of use unmatched by traditional methods.

One of the pivotal moments in the evolution of Salignostics came with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing the potential of saliva for diagnosing the virus, the team pivoted to develop SaliCov, a home test for COVID-19. This adaptation showcased the versatility of saliva-based diagnostics and earned the startup recognition, including an award from the US National Institute of Health.

Image : SalistickTM is the first rapid saliva-based pregnancy test with a new and improved user-experience, and high accuracy for early pregnancy detection. The kit is based on revolutionary technology which detects the pregnancy hormone β-hCG in saliva.

The journey to market for SaliSticks was marked by strategic launches in the UK and Sweden, where the product garnered significant traction. Surveys conducted among consumers revealed a high willingness to adopt the new test, particularly among young women. With over 100,000 units sold within a few months, the success of SaliSticks underscored the demand for accessible and user-friendly diagnostics.

Looking ahead, Salignostics aims to expand its product portfolio, with a focus on addressing prevalent health challenges such as strep throat. The ultimate goal is to democratize diagnostics, particularly in regions with limited access to healthcare. By enabling individuals to conduct tests at home using saliva, the startup seeks to empower communities and prevent unnecessary suffering due to undiagnosed conditions.

The impact of SaliStick and similar innovations extends beyond convenience – it represents a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery. As Guy Krief aptly puts it, the democratization of diagnostics holds the promise of saving lives and alleviating human suffering on a global scale. With continued investment and innovation, saliva-based diagnostics could emerge as a transformative force in the quest for accessible and equitable healthcare worldwide.

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