Ukraine’s Military Support from Poland and Western Nations – “there are no restrictions on the use of Polish-supplied arms by Ukrainian forces”


Since the onset of the Ukraine conflict in February 2022, the dynamics of international military support have played a critical role in shaping the battlefield landscape. One of the most significant contributors to Ukraine’s defense has been Poland, providing nearly $3.5 billion in military aid.

Poland’s Military Support to Ukraine

Poland has emerged as a pivotal ally for Ukraine, offering extensive military aid since the start of the conflict. The Deputy Head of Poland’s Defense Ministry, Cesary Tomczyk, confirmed that there are no restrictions on the use of Polish-supplied arms by Ukrainian forces, even for operations targeting Russian territory. This open-ended support includes a vast array of military equipment and weaponry.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmygal disclosed that Poland’s contributions include hundreds of tanks, aircraft, helicopters, air defense systems, anti-aircraft missile systems, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, anti-tank weapons, and ammunition. This substantial support aims to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities significantly, enabling them to sustain and potentially escalate their military operations against Russian forces.

Here’s a very detailed scheme table regarding Poland’s assistance to Ukraine:

Fighter jetsMiG-29s14Four in April and ten in May 2023
HelicoptersMi-24 helicoptersAbout 12July 2023
TanksT-72M and T-72M1(R)s, Leopard 2A4s, PT-91s~330Delivered from April 2022 onwards
Infantry fighting vehiclesBWP-1s, KTO Rosomaks342Delivered from April 2022 onwards
Infantry mobility vehiclesAMZ Dzik-21May 2022
Command vehiclesLPG WDSzsCommand vehicle for the AHS Krab SPGJune 2022
Self-propelled artillery120mm M120 Raks, 122mm 2S1 Goździks, 155mm AHS Krabs~95To be delivered, April 2022, June 2022
Multiple rocket launchers122mm BM-21 Grads20+April 2022
Anti-aircraft (AA) gunsAZP S-60sEarly 2023
Self-propelled anti-aircraft gunsZSU-23-4 ShilkasBefore March 2023
Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) systemsS-125 Newa SCs, 9K33 Osa-AK(M)s, Osa-AKM-P1 ŻądłosNovember 2022, December 2022, January 2023
Air-to-air missilesR-73s100 (For Su-27 and MiG-29 fighter aircraft)February 2022
Unmanned Combat Aerial VehiclesBayraktar TB21 (Crowdfunded by Polish citizens. Given to Ukraine by Baykar Tech free of charge)Late 2022
Reconnaissance UAVsWB Electronics FlyEyes20+ (An initial batch delivered by the Polish Armed Forces, 20 more crowdfunded through Lithuanian-Polish Army of Drones)February or March 2022, August 2022
Loitering munitionsWB Electronics Warmates53 (43 crowdfunded through Lithuanian-Polish Army of Drones, 10 donated by WB Group)Late 2022 onwards
Man portable air defence systemsPPZR Pioruns260 (160 delivered in February 2022, 100 purchased by Ukraine in April 2023)February 2022, April 2023
TrucksStar 266s, Star 266M2s, Jelcz P882 D53sBefore September 2022, October 2022, April 2023
Mortars60mm LMP-2017 Light Mortars100 (Delivered along with at least 1,500 mortar rounds)February 2022
Small armsKbk wz.1988 Tantal Assault Rifles, Kbk AKMS Assault Rifles, FB MSBS Grot C16A2 Assault Rifles, UKM-2000P Machine Guns, ZMT WKW 50 Anti-Materiel Rifles, RGP-40 Grenade Launchers, RPG-76s Rocket Propelled GrenadesThousands of machine guns and millions of rounds of ammunition delivered on 26 June 2023.June 2022, October 2022, May 2022, June 2022, June 2022, February 2022, March 2022, 26 June 2023
AmmunitionVarious types for mortars, SPGs, artillery, tanks, small armsLarge quantities delivered since February 2022Before November 2022, February 2022, Since February 2022, February 2022, February or March 2022, February 2022, 26 June 2023
Protective gearWZ 2005 helmets42,000February 2022
Training and rehabilitationTraining of Ukrainian soldiers, Treatment of wounded soldiersMore than 100 wounded soldiers treated from 2022 onwardsSince July 2016, from 2022 onwards
DeploymentPolish police officers participated in demining of Ukrainian territory98 officers participated from Summer 2022 for five monthsSummer 2022
Financial aidCurrency swap offered by National Bank of Poland to Ukraine4 billion Złoty (US$875 million) offeredAs a currency swap

Western Military Assistance and Its Implications

The support from Poland is part of a broader strategy by Western nations to back Ukraine against Russian aggression.

Since February 2022, Western countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and various NATO members, have ramped up their military and financial assistance to Ukraine. This aid has included advanced weaponry, training programs for Ukrainian soldiers, intelligence support, and substantial financial aid packages. The cumulative effect of this assistance has been to strengthen Ukraine’s defense and resilience against the Russian military offensive.

Moscow has consistently condemned Western military support to Ukraine, viewing it as a direct threat to its strategic interests. Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued stern warnings to NATO countries, particularly smaller member states, about the risks involved in supporting Ukrainian strikes on Russian territory. He emphasized that such actions could lead to severe consequences and further escalate the conflict.

Geopolitical Tensions and the Risk of Escalation

The influx of Western military aid to Ukraine has not only intensified the conflict on the ground but also heightened geopolitical tensions. This section explores the potential ramifications of continued Western involvement in the Ukraine conflict.

One of the primary concerns raised by Moscow is the potential for escalation. The delivery of sophisticated weaponry and the permission for Ukraine to use these arms against Russian targets increase the likelihood of a broader conflict. Russia has indicated that it would consider Western arms convoys on Ukrainian soil as legitimate military targets, raising the stakes for all parties involved.

For Western nations, the decision to support Ukraine is driven by a combination of strategic, moral, and political considerations. The support aims to uphold international law, protect Ukrainian sovereignty, and counter Russian expansionism. However, this support also requires careful management to avoid unintended escalations that could draw NATO directly into the conflict.

Poland’s Role in the Regional Security Architecture

Poland’s significant military support to Ukraine is also reflective of its broader strategic interests and its role within NATO. This section examines Poland’s motivations and the implications for regional security.

Poland’s motivations for supporting Ukraine are multifaceted. Geographically and historically, Poland has experienced firsthand the threats posed by Russian aggression. By supporting Ukraine, Poland aims to create a buffer zone that enhances its own security. Additionally, Poland seeks to solidify its position as a key NATO member, demonstrating its commitment to the alliance’s principles and collective defense strategy.

Poland’s actions have significant implications for regional security. By providing substantial military aid to Ukraine, Poland is not only supporting a neighboring country but also contributing to the broader NATO strategy of deterring Russian aggression. This proactive stance enhances Poland’s security and strengthens the overall security framework of Eastern Europe.

US to Send Weapons to Ukraine via Germany, Poland

Following the approval from Washington, the situation has rapidly escalated. The US is set to dispatch ammunition to Ukraine, utilizing routes through Poland, Germany, and other European Union countries. This move comes after months of meticulous planning by the US Department of Defense, which anticipated the House of Representatives’ approval of a new $60 billion (€56 billion) aid package for Ukraine.

For Ukraine, this aid couldn’t come sooner. Ukrainian troops, significantly lacking ammunition, have been under relentless artillery attacks from Russian forces on the eastern front, struggling to mount an effective counterattack.

Ben Hodges, former commander-in-chief of the US land forces for Europe, commented on the extensive preparation by the Department of Defense, which had been diligently working to ensure readiness. German security expert Nico Lange corroborated this, emphasizing that the Pentagon had preemptively packed and positioned supplies for swift dispatch to the conflict zone.

Ukraine’s Decentralized Logistics System

To safeguard these critical supplies from Russian air attacks, Ukraine has established a sophisticated transport system since Russia’s invasion in February 2022. This “decentralized logistics” approach distributes supplies across multiple trains, minimizing the risk of a single catastrophic attack. This system often operates under the cover of night, further complicating Russian reconnaissance efforts.

With international support, Ukraine now boasts a fleet of heavy-duty transporters for road deliveries. A nightly curfew in Ukraine adds another layer of security, making it challenging for Moscow to track and target supply routes effectively. Hodges highlighted the failure of the Russian Air Force, despite its numerical and qualitative superiority, to destroy any train or convoy transporting ammunition or equipment from Rzeszow, Poland, into and through Ukraine.

Key Logistical Hubs

The small town of Rzeszow in southeastern Poland, with its regional airport, serves as the pivotal hub for international aid. It is expected that US aircraft, primarily flying from Germany, will land here. The US military’s logistics capabilities, particularly through C-17 aircraft and rail transport, ensure the rapid movement of arms and munitions to Rzeszow.

Germany plays a crucial role due to its strategic geography, advanced infrastructure, and decades-long US military presence and cooperation. The largest US ammunition depot outside the United States, the Miesau Ammo Depot, is located in southwestern Germany, near Ramstein, the largest US Air Force base in Europe. This proximity facilitates efficient logistics and rapid deployment of supplies to Ukraine.

Enhanced Artillery Capabilities

The new aid package includes ATACMS artillery shells with a range of 300 kilometers (185 miles), marking a significant upgrade from the previously approved 150-kilometer range weapons. This enhancement aligns with the capabilities of Scalps and Storm Shadows provided by France and the UK. Hodges noted that this expanded range would enable Ukraine to target Russian command structures and ammunition depots more effectively.

By striking at the source of missile and plane launches, Ukraine can adopt a more proactive defense strategy, disrupting Russian operations before they reach Ukrainian airspace.

Strategic Targets: Crimea and Beyond

Nico Lange pointed out the strategic importance of the three access points to the Crimean Peninsula, which are likely targets for Ukraine in the coming months. Eliminating key points along Russian supply routes to Crimea, particularly the Kerch Bridge, which connects Russia with Crimea, could significantly disrupt Russian logistics and military operations.

The US remains the primary supplier of specific ammunition types essential for Ukraine’s defense, as Europe faces delays in ramping up its ammunition production.

European Defense and Support

Christian Mölling, head of the Center for Security and Defense at the German Council on Foreign Relations, suggested that the new US aid package would alleviate some of the pressure on Ukraine’s European allies. However, he expressed skepticism about the continuity of US aid on this scale, given the political landscape in the US Senate, where supporters of presidential candidate Donald Trump have previously blocked aid to Ukraine.

Mölling emphasized the necessity for European countries to bolster their own defenses in response to the Russian threat and to continue supporting Ukraine. The current US aid package provides a crucial time buffer, but European nations must step up their contributions to sustain long-term support for Ukraine.

The Broader Implications

This strategic maneuvering highlights the intricate balance of international alliances and the importance of logistical preparedness in modern warfare. The swift mobilization of US aid through established European hubs underscores the significance of longstanding military cooperation and infrastructure development.

Ukraine’s decentralized logistics system serves as a model for efficient and resilient supply chain management in conflict zones. The ability to distribute supplies across multiple routes and under the cover of night demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of modern warfare tactics and the need for adaptability in the face of persistent threats.

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, the international community’s support remains vital. The latest US aid package represents a substantial commitment to Ukraine’s defense, but it also signals the need for continued collaboration and support from European allies. The geopolitical ramifications of this support extend beyond the immediate conflict, shaping the future of international security and defense strategies.

The Path Ahead

Looking forward, the focus will be on the effectiveness of these new capabilities in altering the dynamics on the ground in Ukraine. The integration of advanced artillery shells and the strategic targeting of key logistical hubs and supply routes will play a critical role in Ukraine’s ability to defend its territory and push back against Russian advances.

The success of these efforts will depend on the sustained cooperation between the US, European allies, and Ukraine. As the situation evolves, the international community must remain vigilant and adaptable, ensuring that Ukraine receives the necessary support to maintain its sovereignty and security.

The deployment of US weapons to Ukraine via Germany and Poland represents a critical juncture in the ongoing conflict. It highlights the importance of strategic logistics, international cooperation, and the relentless pursuit of effective defense strategies. As Ukraine continues to defend its territory against Russian aggression, the support from its international allies will be crucial in shaping the outcome of this conflict and the broader geopolitical landscape.

The Broader Impact on the Ukraine Conflict

The substantial military aid from Poland and other Western nations has a profound impact on the dynamics of the Ukraine conflict. This section delves into the operational and strategic effects of this support on the ground.

On the operational level, the influx of advanced weaponry has enabled Ukrainian forces to mount more effective defenses and conduct counter-offensives. The provision of tanks, anti-aircraft systems, and other advanced military equipment has enhanced Ukraine’s ability to resist Russian advances and protect critical infrastructure.

Strategically, Western military aid has helped to sustain Ukraine’s resistance and prevent a quick Russian victory. This prolonged conflict has forced Russia to commit more resources and adjust its military strategy, thereby complicating its objectives. The sustained resistance also provides Ukraine with a stronger negotiating position in any potential peace talks.

In conclusion , Poland’s extensive military support to Ukraine, combined with broader Western assistance, has played a crucial role in shaping the ongoing conflict. This support has enabled Ukraine to mount a robust defense and resist Russian advances, but it has also heightened geopolitical tensions and the risk of escalation. As the conflict continues, the strategic decisions made by Poland, NATO, and other Western nations will remain critical in determining the future trajectory of the Ukraine conflict and regional security in Eastern Europe.

APPENDIX 1 – GERMANY – List of military aid to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War

CategorySubcategoryItemQuantityDetailsDelivery DatesAdditional Notes
Surface-To-Air Missile (SAM) SystemsDeliveredIRIS-T SLM Systems2 SystemsThree Launchers Per SystemOctober 2022, April 2023
DeliveredIRIS-T SLS Launchers2 LaunchersAugust 2023
DeliveredPatriot Battery1 BatteryApril 2023
DeliveredPatriot Launchers2 LaunchersApril 2023, August 2023
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft GunsDeliveredGepards46Training started June 2022. Delivered July-Sept 2022 (30), Feb 2023 (2), Mar 2023 (2), Apr-Aug 2023 (12)
Multiple Rocket LaunchersDelivered227mm M270 “MARS”5Arrived July 2022 (3), Oct 2022 (2)
Laser-Guided Rocket SystemsDelivered70mm Laser-Guided Rocket Launchers on Pick-Up Trucks20Dec 2022
Self-Propelled ArtilleryDelivered155mm PzH 2000s14 (+8 as Spare Parts Donors)Delivered with 10,500 roundsJune 2022 (7), July 2022 (3), Oct 2022 (4)
Delivered155 mm SpGH Zuzana 2s2Joint purchase by Germany, Norway, Denmark from SlovakiaJuly 2023
TanksDeliveredT-72M1sDelivered from Czech stocks in exchange for 15 Leopard 2A4 MBTs and 1 Büffel ARV through the ‘Ringtausch’ programme2022
DeliveredM-55S’28From Slovenian stocks in exchange for 45 MAN 8×8 trucks through the ‘Ringtausch’ programmeOctober 2022
DeliveredLeopard 2A6s18March 2023
DeliveredLeopard 1 A520In cooperation with the Netherlands and DenmarkJuly-Aug 2023
Infantry Fighting VehiclesDeliveredBMP-1A1s40From Greek stocks in exchange for 40 Marder IFVs through the ‘Ringtausch’ programmeDelivered from Oct 2022 onwards
DeliveredBVP-1s30From Slovak stocks in exchange for 15 Leopard 2A4 MBTs through the ‘Ringtausch’ programmeNov 2022
DeliveredMarder 1A3s60March, Sept 2023
Armoured Personnel CarriersDeliveredM113G3DK/G4DKs54M113s taken from Danish stocks and overhauled with German fundingJuly-Aug 2022
DeliveredBandvagn BV 206s28June-Aug 2023
Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) VehiclesDeliveredDingos50Nov-Dec 2022
Man-Portable Air Defence SystemsDeliveredFIM-92 Stingers500March 2022
Delivered9K32 Strela-2s2700Former East German stocksMarch 2022
Anti-Tank WeaponsDeliveredPanzerfaust 3 RPGs900Delivered with 3000 DM72A1 (PzF 3-IT) and 50 DM32 Bunkerfaust rounds2022
DeliveredRGW 90 Matador RPGs7944Delivered from March 2022 onwards
DeliveredDM31 And PARM DM22 Anti-Tank Mines149002022
Anti-Drone Systems And JammersDeliveredAnti-Drone Guns102022
DeliveredAnti-Drone Sensors And Jammers57Including 40 Frequency Range Extension Devices2022-2023
DeliveredElectronic Anti-Drone Devices122022
DeliveredLarge Anti-Drone Jamming Systems2Installed on HMMWV IMVsAug 2022
DeliveredCommunications Electronic Scanner/Jammer System1May 2023
DeliveredRadio Jammers10Aug 2022, July 2023
DeliveredDrone Detection Systems113Dec 2022, Feb, Mar, June, Aug, Sept 2023
RadarsDeliveredGround Observer 12 Ground Surveillance Radars28Installed on HMMWVsAug 2022, July-Aug 2023
DeliveredCobra Counter-Battery Radar System1Sept 2022
DeliveredTRML-4D4Oct 2022, Apr, June, Aug 2023
DeliveredSatcom Surveillance System1To Be Delivered
(Mobile) Reconnaissance SystemsDeliveredSurveilSPIRE Mobile Reconnaissance Systems52022
DeliveredSatcom Surveillance System1Sept 2023
Reconnaissance Unmanned Aerial VehiclesDeliveredVectors104June 2022, June-Aug 2023
DeliveredReconnaissance UAVs32Nov 2022, Mar 2023
DeliveredRQ-35 Heidruns80July-Sept 2023
Unmanned ShipsDeliveredUnmanned Surface Vessels10Oct-Nov 2022
Unmanned VehiclesDeliveredTHeMIS UGVs For Casualty Evacuation7Dec 2022
DeliveredTHeMIS UGVs For Route Clearance7May 2023
Engineering Vehicles And EquipmentDeliveredPionierpanzer 2A1 Dachs Armoured Engineering Vehicles (AEVs)5Mar, July 2023
DeliveredBergepanzer 2 Armoured Recovery Vehicles (ARVs)15Aug, Oct, Dec 2022
DeliveredBergepanzer 3 Armoured Recovery Vehicles (ARVs)2Mar 2023
DeliveredBrückenlegepanzer Biber Bridgelayers11Nov 2022, Feb, May, July, Sept 2023
DeliveredWisent 1 Mine-Clearing Tanks8Mar, June, July, Sept 2023
DeliveredRemote Controlled Mine Clearance Systems12Aug 2022, Jan, May, June 2023
DeliveredGCS-200 Remote Controlled And Protected Mine Clearing Systems3Jan 2023
DeliveredHEP 70 Mobile Decontamination Vehicles6Aug 2022
DeliveredLiebherr Mobile Cranes32022
DeliveredHeavy And Medium Bridge Systems Along With 12 Trailers19Nov 2022, July 2023
VehiclesDeliveredOshkosh M1070 Heavy Equipment and Tank Transporters12Nov-Dec 2022
DeliveredHX81 Heavy Equipment and Tank Transporters Along With Trailers55Jan, May, June, July, Aug, Sept 2023
DeliveredHeavy Duty Trailer Trucks12Dec 2022
DeliveredArmoured Volkswagen Amarok SUVs302022
DeliveredHeavy Duty 8×8 Trucks40Dec 2022, Sept 2023
DeliveredHeavy Duty 8×6 Trucks6Including 21 ContainersApr, Aug 2023
DeliveredLoad-Handling Trucks38Jan, Feb, Aug 2023
DeliveredMercedes-Benz Zetros Trucks200Jan-Sept 2023
DeliveredAll-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), Minibuses And Trucks2972022-2023
DeliveredPick-Up Trucks1832022, Jan, May 2023
DeliveredBorder Protection Vehicles (Iveco VM90s, Iveco ACL 90s, Renault TRM 2000s)186Oct 2022-Sept 2023
DeliveredAmbulances50Nov-Dec 2022
DeliveredMercedes-Benz Unimog Ambulances47July, Sept 2023
DeliveredForklifts8Oct-Dec 2022, Mar 2023
DeliveredRosenbauer Panther2Dec 2022
DeliveredAircraft Refuelling Trucks3Feb 2023
DeliveredDump Trucks2Feb 2023
DeliveredWater Tankers22022-2023
DeliveredTipper Trucks112022-2023
DeliveredMercedes-Benz Unimog TrucksFeb 2023
DeliveredHeavy Equipment Transporters Along With Trailers12Dec 2022
Small ArmsDeliveredMG 3 General-Purpose Machine Guns220Delivered with 500 spare barrels and breechlocks2022-2023
DeliveredMG5 General-Purpose Machine Guns100Aug 2023
DeliveredHeckler & Koch SFP9 Pistols500Mar 2023
AmmunitionDeliveredMissiles for IRIS-T SLM SAM SystemAdditionalNov-Dec 2022, Jan, Apr 2023
DeliveredMissiles for Patriot SAM Battery164Apr, Aug 2023
DeliveredGMLRS Unitary M31A1 Guided Rockets for 227mm M270 “MARS” MLRS294July, Oct 2022, Mar 2023
Delivered35mm Ammunition for Gepard SPAAG86,122Delivered from June 2022 onwards
Delivered35mm Practice Ammunition for Gepard SPAAG4000Aug 2022
Delivered155mm Artillery Rounds for PzH 2000 SPG18,510Delivered from June 2022 onwards
Delivered155mm Smoke Rounds for PzH 2000 SPG17,000Delivered from June 2022 onwards
Delivered155mm Illumination Rounds for PzH 2000 SPG1000Delivered from June 2022 onwards
DeliveredSMArt 155 Guided Artillery Rounds for PzH 2000 SPGDelivered from June 2022 onwards
DeliveredVulcano Guided Artillery Rounds for PzH 2000 SPG255+Mar, June 2023
Delivered40mm Ammunition for Automatic Grenade Launchers134,592Sept, Dec 2022, Apr, July, Aug 2023
Delivered105mm Rounds for Leopard 1A5 MBTMay 2023
Delivered120mm Rounds for Leopard 2A6 MBTMar 2023
Delivered20mm Ammunition for Marder IFVMar 2023
DeliveredSmall Arms Ammunition45.7 millionIncluding 3 million rounds of 5.56×45mm ammunition, 5 million rounds of 7.62×51mm ammunition2022-2023
DeliveredDM51/DM51A2 Hand Grenades100,0002022
DeliveredDM72A1 (PzF 3-IT) for Panzerfaust 330002022
DeliveredDM32 Bunkerfaust Rounds for Panzerfaust 3502022
Delivered(Artillery) Ammunition Originally from BulgariaMar-Apr 2022
DeliveredExplosive Charges53002022
DeliveredDetonating Cord100,000 metersDelivered with 450,000 detonators2022
Military GearDeliveredHelmets28,0002022
DeliveredMilitary Clothing (Including Bulletproof Vests)15 palettes2022
DeliveredWinter Jackets116,0002022
DeliveredWinter Trousers80,0002022
DeliveredWinter Hats240,0002022
DeliveredSafety Glasses20,6002022-2023
DeliveredNight Vision Goggles9512022
Miscellaneous EquipmentDeliveredMiG-29 Fighter Jet Spare Parts2022
DeliveredMi-24 Attack Helicopter Spare PartsNov 2022
DeliveredMine-Plows for T-72 MBT11July 2023
DeliveredLeopard 2A6 MBT Spare PartsMar 2023
DeliveredMarder 1 IFV Spare PartsMar 2023
DeliveredVector UAV Spare PartsJuly 2023
DeliveredWisent 1 Mine-Clearing Tank Spare PartsSept 2023
DeliveredM2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun Spare Parts2022
DeliveredLaser Designators for Vulcano Guided Artillery Rounds for PzH 2000 SPG10July 2023
DeliveredFire Command Units for Vulcano Guided Artillery Rounds for PzH 2000 SPG10July 2023
DeliveredLaser-Range Finders382022
DeliveredLaser-Designators402022, Jan 2023
DeliveredMobile Antenna Mast Systems49Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, July, Sept 2023
DeliveredAntenna Hub Station1Sept 2023
DeliveredSatCom Terminals17Sept 2023
DeliveredBridges for Biber Bridgelayers5June-July 2023
DeliveredContainers10Feb 2023
DeliveredMateriel for Explosive Ordnance Disposal16+ palettes2022-2023
DeliveredHigh Frequency Unit1Aug 2022
DeliveredRadio Frequency System12022
DeliveredField Telephones3000Delivered with 5000 cable reels2022
DeliveredHangar Tents2Mar 2023
DeliveredField Kitchens22022
DeliveredMobile Field Hospital1Aug 2023
DeliveredSleeping Bags14,0002022
DeliveredWool Blankets36,400Dec 2022
DeliveredWinter Camouflage Nets10Feb 2023
DeliveredMobile Heating Systems148Nov-Dec 2022
DeliveredMeal, Ready-to-Eat (MREs)416,0002022-2023
DeliveredDiesel and GasolineSupplies ongoing2022
DeliveredAdBlue10 tonnes2022
To Be DeliveredSurface-To-Air Missile (SAM) SystemsIRIS-T SLM Systems6 SystemsThree Launchers Per SystemTo be delivered
Surface-To-Air Missile (SAM) SystemsIRIS-T SLS Launchers22 LaunchersTo be delivered
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft GunsGepards/Cheetahs21 SPAAGsTo be delivered
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft GunsOerlikon Skynex Systems2 SystemsTo be delivered
Self-Propelled Artillery155mm RCH 155s18Purchased by Ukraine from Krauss-Maffei Wegmann through the security capacity building fundTo be delivered
Self-Propelled Artillery155mm ShKH Zuzana 2s14Joint purchase by Germany, Norway, Denmark from SlovakiaTo be delivered
TanksLeopard 1A5s115In cooperation with the Netherlands and DenmarkTo be delivered
Infantry Fighting VehiclesMarder 1A3s40To be delivered
Armoured Personnel CarriersBandvagn BV 206s26To be delivered
Armoured Personnel CarriersFuchs EvolutionsTo be delivered
Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) VehiclesBATT UMGs66To be delivered from July 2023 onwards
Anti-Drone SystemsDrone Detection Systems80Including 40 Frequency Range Extension DevicesTo be delivered
Radars, Jammers And Reconnaissance SystemsTRML-4Ds5To be delivered
Radars, Jammers And Reconnaissance SystemsMobile Ground Surveillance Radars And Thermal Imaging Cameras8To be delivered
Radars, Jammers And Reconnaissance SystemsGround Observer 12 Ground Surveillance Radars30To be delivered
Radars, Jammers And Reconnaissance SystemsDrone Sensors3To be delivered
Radars, Jammers And Reconnaissance SystemsCommunications Electronic Scanner/Jammer Systems12To be delivered
Radars, Jammers And Reconnaissance SystemsSurveilSPIRE Mobile Reconnaissance Systems10To be delivered
Reconnaissance Unmanned Aerial VehiclesReconnaissance UAVs121To be delivered
Reconnaissance Unmanned Aerial VehiclesVectors324To be delivered
Reconnaissance Unmanned Aerial VehiclesLunasTo be delivered
Reconnaissance Unmanned Aerial VehiclesRQ-35 Heidruns40To be delivered
HelicoptersSea King Mk.416To be delivered
Unmanned ShipsUnmanned Surface Vessels10To be delivered
Engineering Vehicles And EquipmentBergepanzer 2 Armoured Recovery Vehicles (ARVs)6To be delivered
Engineering Vehicles And EquipmentBrückenlegepanzer Biber Bridgelayers15To be delivered
Engineering Vehicles And EquipmentWisent 1 Mine-Clearing Tanks34To be delivered
Engineering Vehicles And EquipmentGCS-200 Remote Controlled And Protected Mine Clearing Systems7To be delivered
Engineering Vehicles And EquipmentProtected Mine-Clearing Systems7To be delivered
Engineering Vehicles And EquipmentRemote Controlled Mine Clearing System2To be delivered
Engineering Vehicles And EquipmentHeavy And Medium Bridge Systems3To be delivered
VehiclesOshkosh M1070 Heavy Equipment and Tank Transporters12To be delivered
VehiclesBorder Protection Vehicles (Iveco VM90s, Iveco ACL 90s, Renault TRM 2000s)336To be delivered
VehiclesHX81 Heavy Equipment and Tank Transporters Along With Trailers39To be delivered
VehiclesHeavy Duty 8×8 Trucks13To be delivered
VehiclesHeavy Duty 8×6 Trucks3To be delivered
VehiclesHeavy Duty Trailer Trucks78To be delivered
VehiclesMercedes-Benz Zetros Trucks82To be delivered
VehiclesProtected Vehicles10To be delivered
VehiclesTrucks180To be delivered
VehiclesTanker Trucks30To be delivered
VehiclesTractors Along With Trailers2To be delivered
Anti-Tank WeaponsPortable Anti-Tank Weapons18,000To be delivered
Small ArmsGMG Automatic Grenade Launchers100To be delivered
AmmunitionMissiles for IRIS-T SLM SAM SystemAdditionalTo be delivered
AmmunitionMissiles for IRIS-T SLS SAM SystemAdditionalTo be delivered
Ammunition155mm Artillery Rounds for PzH 2000 SPG22,500To be delivered
AmmunitionVulcano Guided Artillery Rounds for PzH 2000 SPGAdditionalTo be delivered
Ammunition40mm Ammunition for Automatic Grenade Launchers81,408To be delivered
Ammunition35mm Ammunition for Gepard SPAAG289,920To be delivered
Ammunition105mm Rounds for Leopard 1A5AdditionalTo be delivered
Ammunition20mm Rounds for Marder IFVAdditionalTo be delivered
AmmunitionSmall Arms Ammunition9.7 millionTo be delivered
AmmunitionDM31 And/Or DM22 PARM 2 Anti-Tank MinesAdditionalTo be delivered
Miscellaneous EquipmentVehicle Decontamination System1To be delivered
Miscellaneous EquipmentMobile Antenna Mast System1To be delivered
Miscellaneous EquipmentMobile Field Hospital1To be delivered
Miscellaneous EquipmentInterchangeable Loading System (for Trucks)26To be delivered
Miscellaneous EquipmentHeating Systems130To be delivered
Miscellaneous EquipmentField Heaters50To be delivered
Miscellaneous EquipmentOil HeatersTo be delivered
Miscellaneous EquipmentMilitary Winter ClothingTo be delivered
Miscellaneous EquipmentSafety Glasses80,000To be delivered
Miscellaneous EquipmentGenerators450+To be delivered
Miscellaneous EquipmentPortable Lighting Systems2,000To be delivered
Miscellaneous EquipmentMeal, Ready-to-Eat (MREs)AdditionalTo be delivered
Financial AidBilateral Aid€1.83 billionSince 2014
Financial AidEU Grants and LoansApprox. €4 billionSince 2014
Financial AidEU Loans in 2022€240 million2022
Financial AidKfW LoanOver €150 millionApr 2022
Financial Aid‘Stand Up For Ukraine’ Pledging Campaign€425 million2022Additional €70 million for medical aid via EU
Financial AidAdditional Military Aid for Weapons PurchasesOver €1 billionApr 2022
Financial AidAdditional Grants€1 billionMay 2022

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