Adult Toys Manufacturer Facing Lawsuit for Collecting “Users Personal Data”


The vibrators that have the ability to connect to the internet have come under the hammer for gathering private data of customers. The manufacturer of these Smart Toys aims to settle a class-action privacy lawsuit, which was recently filed by a complainer in an Illinois federal court, by agreeing to the terms of the plaintiff’s claims.

It is being claimed by the plaintiff that the vibrators are violating customer’s privacy by capturing app settings in which the user sets vibration levels and the duration for which the vibrators were used.

The Canadian based manufacturer has reportedly “agreed to terms” against the claims of the accuser. The accuser filed a lawsuit in September “on behalf of herself and a putative settlement class.”

The accuser is an anonymous woman from Chicago, who claimed that the abovementioned smart toys work with an app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Apparently, the app collects information without the knowledge or consent of the customers. The collected information includes the frequency and duration of usage of the toys and the vibration settings as well as temperature levels of vibrators.

It is worth noting that the We-Vibe app lets users control the vibrator remotely through their smartphones, which has to be paired with the device. It does not necessarily require the creation of an account with the company.

Eve-Lynn Rapp, the law firm’s attorney which filed the Chicago woman’s lawsuit, stated that this incident is yet another “incredible” example of how consumers’ privacy is being violated through innovative yet unreliable smart gadgets.

The accuser bought the We-Vibe vibrator in May for $130 after which she downloaded the We-Vibe’s-Connect app. However, she complained in her lawsuit that she was never informed by the manufacturer that “personally identifiable” information will be monitored as soon as the app was activated.

The spokesperson of Standard Innovation, Denny Alexander stated that:

“There’s been no allegation that any of our customers’ data has been compromised. However, given the intimate nature of our products, the privacy and security of our customers’ data are of utmost importance to our company. Accordingly, we take concerns about customer privacy and our data practices seriously.”


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