After Failed Auction, Shadow Brokers Opens NSA Hacking Tools for Direct Sales

The hacker group that’s believed to be behind the high-profile cyber theft of NSA hacking tools and exploits that sparked a larger debate on the Internet concerning abilities of US intelligence agencies and their own security

The group put the stolen cyber weapons on auction but received not much response and gone quiet for some time.

However, The Shadow Brokers has now appeared to have put up the NSA’s hacking tools and exploits for direct sale on an underground website.

A newly uncovered site reportedly contains a file signed with the cryptographic key of The Shadow Brokers, suggesting the hacker group has now moved to sell NSA hacking tools directly to buyers one by one, Motherboard reports.

On Wednesday, someone going by pseudonym Boceffus Cleetus published a post on Medium, saying that the Shadow Brokers hackers are now selling “NSA tools individually.”

“The site also lets visitors download a selection of screenshots and files related to each item,” notes Joseph Cox of Motherboard. “Along with those is a file signed with a PGP key with an identical fingerprint to that linked to the original Shadow Brokers dump of exploits from August.”

The blog titled “Are the Shadow Brokers selling tools on ZeroNet?,” reports a list of items, supposedly for sale on ZeroNet by the Shadow Brokers, with titles like “ENVOYTOMATO, EGGBASKET, and YELLOWSPIRIT.”

ZeroNet is a decentralized Internet-like network for hosting websites using blockchain cryptography as DNS servers and BitTorrent technology as file servers.

Each of the items (NSA hacking tools) on the site is categorized into a type — like “exploits,” “Trojans,” and “implant” — each of which is ranged from 1 to 100 Bitcoins (from $780 to $78,000).

Anyone, including state-sponsored hackers with nation’s funding, could buy all the exploits for around $780,000.


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