School Kids Go to Suicidal Military Camps in Iran


In Iran, pictures speak a million words. See how a military training camp deep in Iran that teaches kids how to execute suicidal missions.

This is a jihadi military camp in Iran, but especially designed and prepared for school children. It is located in a remote area in Iran and under the auspices of the mullahs’ regime.

What you are seeing in these pictures are school children, no older than 14, taking part in military training camps designed to familiarize them with life at the front lines. This particular class has somewhere around 30 students.

The children are schooled about life in the camp and the terrorist training awaiting them. Their mothers are lectured by a mullah who claims to speak the words of God Almighty, about how sacred it is so send your young child off for a suicide mission.

​The kids learn how to use weapons, such as the Russian hallmark AK-47 they have seen on TV and in the movies. Further training involves how to kidnap and take hostages, such as the scene here where they are told this is a scenario replicating the November 1979 U.S. Embassy takeover in Tehran.

Notice how the children are trained to place assault rifles equipped with silencers on a hostage’s head…

On the picture of the mock-up of the seal of the United States (above), there is a Star of David, a Jewish symbol. The Iranian regime begins teaching kids at an early age that Jews are bad.

This goes in line with senior Iranian regime officials’ remarks of wiping Israel off the map.

​While kids should be learning in real schools and playing like others their age around the world, these children are learning how to write their wills, how to kill and get killed.

This is an in-depth course of making “yearning for death” a highly praised value in their young innocent minds.

The kids are encouraged to wear headbands and carry assault rifles, all the trademarks of Iran-nurtured terrorists.

And their mothers learn how to take pictures of their suicidal children, to prepare albums of their loved ones spending the early ages of life in terrorist camp. These images are most probably posted on the internet to encourage other mothers to send their children, too.

These mothers are taught how to become “mothers of martyrs” and send the message throughout society. That is, to encourage other mothers to send their children off to train to kill and be killed.

This is the true nature of the hideous mullahs’ regime in Iran. A system known all too well by the Iranian people.

Rest assured that despite all the claims, no so-called “moderate” or “reformist” will be come from inside this establishment. Nor will any “moderate” or “reformist” voice any criticism against such camps and the training of suicidal kids.


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