Vucic Winning Serbian Election With 57% of Votes After 56.5% of Ballots Counted


Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic is winning the presidential election with 57.03 percent of votes, the Central Election Commission said after having processed 56.5 percent of the ballots.

Earlier it was reported that the Serbian prime minister has already claimed victory in the presidential election.

Vucic is the ruling coalition’s candidate and the main favorite of the election. Other notable candidates are independent candidates Sasa Jankovic, Vuk Jeremic, and Luka Maksimovic (also known as Ljubisa Beli Preletacevic), as well as Serbian Radical Party’s head Vojislav Seselj.

So far, Jankovic is getting 14.9 percent of votes, Maksimovic is gaining about 9 percent.

The second round of election is scheduled for April 16, provided that none of the hopefuls gets 50 percent of votes.


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