SAUDI ARABIA : New Saudi military graduates display their anti-terror fighting skills


New military graduates demonstrated their rapid-intervention skills in a ceremony on Wednesday at the Forces Training Center in Jeddah.
The 560 graduates took part in a live-simulation exercise to storm a building and rescue hostages, and neutralize terrorists using security aircraft.
The display was observed by Lt. Gen. Khaled Al-Harbi, commander of the Special Emergency Forces, and other military leaders.
Maj. Gen. Saad Al-Jabari, commander of security forces’ installations, said the new graduates had received “basic and specialized military training, which qualifies them to actively participate with their colleagues in the field and administrative work.”

They have also been trained to combat terrorism and use all types of weapons, especially under the current security conditions that require preparedness to face any potential dangers, he said.
In his address to the graduates, Al-Jabari urged them to serve their religion, the King and the homeland, as well as pilgrims, citizens and residents.


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