Obesity can not be overcome by applying a low-calorie diet or by using an operation such as vertical gastrectomy


Our bacterial flora instructs the intestinal cells to absorb a certain amount of nutrients facilitating the metabolism thanks to the production of enzymes, but if the amount of nutrients and excessive can in turn be hampered.

Recall that when we talk about intestinal bacterial flora we refer to the genetics of microorganisms living in symbiosis with us called “microbiome”.

Our microbiome can contribute to the development of obesity.

The food that the intestine receives serves to nourish the bacteria that make up the microbiome giving way to the bacteria to eat and consequently proliferate.

Starting from this principle it is easy to understand that if there is a short or long-term food exchange this could change the various bacterial families that live in symbiosis with us for good or bad.

Numerous studies have shown that the industrialized population tend to select a bacterial flora rich in meat, dairy products and low in fiber, while in the less industrialized populations there is a bacterial flora more rich in fiber and poor in meat.

It is worth pointing out that in obese subjects the bacterial flora, that is the microbiome, is composed of a type of bacteria with the particularity of maximizing the capacity of intestinal absorption by minimizing the amount of calories expelled with the faeces.

Furthermore the improper use of foods such as:
meat, milk and derivatives, non-hydrogenated fats, drugs in general and antibiotics can cause an alteration of the intestinal microbiome giving rise to a huge amount of metabolic reactions.

Therefore decreasing the quantity of food taken but not changing the quality, the association, the cooking method is likely to lose weight due to an initial nutrient deficiency by changing the microbiome often to the detriment.

The same process takes place in the medical technique very popular in recent years “the vertical gastrectomy” which consists in the removal of 80% of the stomach by reducing it to a tubule.

Risultati immagini per the vertical gastrectomy

The result will be a large initial weight loss due to a considerably lower intake of food that certainly will lead to a change not certainly healthy for the intestinal microbiome where the problems of this technique will be felt in the years to come with a decrease in absorption of substances necessary for the organism and a slow and progressive weight increase due to an increasingly altered intestinal bacterial flora.

Unfortunately, the race for the gain of unscrupulous people is increasingly promising miracles to desperate people and willing to do anything to achieve lasting results playing with their feelings, wanting to give them only a part and not all explanations due .


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