The importance of breastfeeding and natural childbirth


During pregnancy the unborn future receives a chromosomal kit inherited from the parents, but in a small percentage also receives a very limited quantity of microorganisms contained in the placenta, ie microorganisms already present in the intra uterine environment.

In reality the true colonization of bacteria or microorganism takes place after birth.

A very important fact is given by the breastfeeding as in the first 3 years of the child’s life, most of the bacterial flora that will populate the baby’s small intestine will be given by 4 strains of bifidobacteri that populate the ducts galactophores of the mammary glands, giving followed by the beginning of the intestinal bacterial flora here is one in the motives for which the future mothers must take healthy food, adapted to their needs of balance and energetic requirements.

The researchers also highlighted a significant influence on the type of bacterial colonization between “natural childbirth” and “cesarean”.

If the birth is natural, the first bacteria with which the child will come into contact will be those that make up the genital bacterial flora of the mother verifying an increase of lactobacilli, nothing to do with the lactobacilli that we are selling.

Scientific studies have shown that when the birth takes place by natural means, the child receives from the mother the lactobacilli that constitute a very important fact to promote the immediate ability of the child to metabolize the mother’s milk to stimulate the development of an adequate immune system.

On the other hand, when the unborn future is born through a caesarean section, it is easy for the immune system to be weaker and easily led to digestive disorders.

Dr. Dominguez Bello, head of studies at New York University, showed that it is possible to eliminate most of these problems by exposing the newborn baby to the light by caesarean delivery to the vaginal bacterial flora of the mother by taking gauze impregnated with vaginal secretions. of the mother and use it to dab the skin, lips, nose and ears of the newborn baby who has just come into the world, simulating in this way the passage through the maternal genital ways.



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