MOGHERINI – EU: We do not recognize Israel’s sovereignty on the Golan


The EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Federica Mogherini reiterated today that the EU is opposed to the US decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, adding that Brussels will not follow the same path traveled by Washington .

“Ignoring UN Security Council resolutions on the Golan Heights is not a solution and I would like to be very clear, the EU will continue not to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the territories occupied in 1967,” Mogherini said at the opening of the summit of the Arab League in Tunisia.

In line with international law and UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 497, the European Union does not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan heights “.

In recent days, US President Donald Trump said he recognized Israel’s right to sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel has severely affected all those who have historically shared an anti-Israeli policy.

An obvious example was the one communicated by the high representative for foreign policy of the European Union, Federica Mogherini, who said that “the European Union expresses grave concern about the announcement today of the American president about Jerusalem and the repercussions that this may have on the prospects for peace “and reiterated that the European position on the search for a two-state solution” remains unchanged “.

Needless to point out the blatantly Palestinian position of the Mogherini.

Relations between Israel and the European Union Brussels have been strained for many years.

Netanyahu has never appreciated the line of the European bloc that has always condemned the markedly unilateral choices of its governments.


Mogherini superstar in the Iranian parliament

And in recent times, the gap has expanded even in light of what happened after Donald Trump’s decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem.

The European Union has always condemned Washington’s choice as a hazard and an obstacle to peace.

Brussels has always supported the political solution of the two states.

After the announcement of the White House, Netanyahu said that European countries would also follow the United States.

But in that case, the firm words of Mogherini arrived, who said: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he expects other countries to move their embassies. He can keep his expectations for others, because from the EU countries this will not happen ”.

And he reiterated that according to the European Union, “the only realistic solution is based on two states, with Jerusalem the capital of both the State of Israel and the Palestinian state”.

For the Israeli right, the former Italian foreign minister confirms to be “an inveterate pro-Palestinian, as shown by her youth photos in which she wore the keffiyeh”, the Palestinian headgear.

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In 2016, MEPs Matteo SALVINI and Mara BIZZOTTO after Mogherini’s response to their question: “Israel is a friend and an ally against Islamic terrorism, treating it as a hostile country is madness!”

“Wanting to hit Israel with the boycott of mandatory labeling for products from settlements in the West Bank and the Golan is an absurd choice that demonstrates, once again, the senselessly anti-Israeli policy of the EU and the High Representative for politics foreign Federica Mogherini.

An adrift European Union, tax to the ridiculous towards Israel but ready to give billions of euros to Islamic Turkey and to accept millions of Muslims indiscriminately, among whom the terrorists will be able to easily recruit new recruits.

We need everything except the umpteenth anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian High Representative (note is the photo of Mogherini with Arafat), all too friendly with some Arab countries which, more or less covertly, support and finance international terrorism ” .

The MEPs of the Northern League Mara Bizzotto and Matteo Salvini declare this, after the response of the High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini to their question on the mandatory labels imposed by the EU on Israel.

“Justifying, as Mogherini does, the size of the mandatory label with the excuse that” the EU believes that Israeli settlements in the occupied territories are illegal under international law “is a discriminatory act that offends Israel and all its people, like when Mogherini, in 2009, wrote unrepeatable phrases on the rockets launched by Hezbollah against Israel, “demonstrative and artisanal rockets”, according to the High Representative, “launched not to really hit but to signal the (r ) existence in life ”- explain MEPs Bizzotto and Salvini.

“As if that were not enough, Mogherini demonstrates all its political bad faith when, in our precise question about why the EU does not impose mandatory labeling also on products from territories occupied by Turkey in Northern Cyprus and from China in Tibet , dismiss the issue by stating that they are different situations.

So much for consistency and truth: Northern Cyprus and Tibet have been invaded militarily in open violation of international law!

Therefore, according to Mogherini, the vexatious conditions that the EU would like to impose on Israel, should not instead be applied to the territories militarily occupied by Turkey and China.

Calling it discrimination against Israel is an understatement. “

“The statement by Mogherini that relations between the EU and Israel would be excellent is still laughable – the Euro-League officials continue – It is under everyone’s eyes that relations are currently very cold, perhaps at a historic low, not only after the request of the labeling, but above all after the umpteenth EU low blow to Israel last January, with the position taken by the EU Foreign Affairs Council on the 1967 borders “.

“In short, today we find ourselves with a blatantly anti-Israeli EU and a High Representative prone to the interests of Islamic countries, ready to resort even to discriminatory trade measures in order to hit the only authentic democracy in the entire Middle East,” concluded Salvini and Bizzotto – Exactly the opposite of what today is for Europe, which, especially at a time when the common struggle against Islamic terrorism is an absolute priority, should work closely with Israel! For Europe, Israel must be a friendly state and one of the main allies in the fight against Islamic terrorism, not an enemy to be provoked in the name of commercial interests with the Arab world “.

Seven February 2017: the European Union, as well as the UN condemns the “law on the regularization” of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories.

In a note the EU, by the voice of the European High Representative Federica Mogherini on behalf of the 28, declares to condemn “the recent adoption of the ‘law on regularization’ by the Knesset” on the settlements, adding that the provision “goes beyond a new and dangerous threshold, legalizing in the Israeli law the seizure of Palestinian property rights and effectively authorizing the confiscation of private lands owned by Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. “

No need to say more …


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