COVID-19: Delta Sub-Variant AY.4.2 Is Striking Fears


It is already estimated that by the start of the coming Winter in the Northern hemisphere in a few weeks’ time, new surges will materialize globally, driven most likely by these Delta sub-variants and other variants and more concerning Delta sub-variants will emerge from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, India, Brazil. Indonesia and even Thailand due to a variety of prevailing factors.

Already a new report from the UK Health Ministry a few days ago indicated the rising prevalence of a yet a new offshoot of the Delta variant of COVID-19.

This new delta spawn is relatively new hence it does not have an official Pango lineage designation such as B.1.167.2 for the original Delta variant which is the nomenclature used by most scientists.

The identified novel Delta sub-lineage is being labeled as AY.4.2 and spots a unique Y145H mutation in the spike protein.

From the report:

This sublineage is currently increasing in frequency. It includes spike mutations A222V and Y145H. In the week beginning 27 September 2021 (the last week with complete sequencing data), this sublineage accounted for approximately 6% of all sequences generated, on an increasing trajectory.

This estimate may be imprecise due to known sequencing issues affecting position S:145. Further assessment is underway.

This new sub-lineage is currently increasing in frequency.
It includes spike mutations A222V – associated with higher viral loads and better transmissibility.

Reports are also emerging that the new AY.4.2 sub-variant is gradually spreading worldwide.

Israel has already just detected a case in its country a few hours ago.


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