Germany faces a new critical COVID-19 crisis


Germany daily COVID-19 cases are going up with more than 174,112 new COVID-19 cases reported for just the 6th Of October along with 117 new COVID-19 deaths.

The German government has brought back masking in public transportation and major cities but experts are saying the measures came late and are not enough.

Doctors also complained that the recent Oktoberfest celebrations with no preventive measures in place also contributed to the increase in cases.
While the BA.5 variant and its earlier sub-lineages are still responsible for the bulk of new infections, the newer emerging Omicron sub-lineages like BP.1, BN.2, BN.2.1, BR.2, BL.1.1, BS.1, BF.16, BJ.1, BW.1, BZ.1, BQ.1.3, BS.1.1 and also the recombinant lineages such as XBB, XAW, XAY, XAW, XAY and XBC that are causing the rise in hospitalizations and deaths. (click on sequences over time and not table)



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