Researchers have developed a new patented technology, called Unlokt, that unlocks the body’s ability to digest cannabis


The human body struggles to absorb cannabis because it isn’t water-soluble. 

Researchers in Israel have found a way around the problem. They trick the body into thinking the cannabis is food – by binding it to protein.

So instead of waiting up to two hours, people using cannabis in its edible forms will feel the effects in just 15 minutes.

That will make a huge difference both to those craving relief from a painful condition, and those who simply want to get high quicker (where legal).

“What we’ve created is a natural protein carrier that ‘Ubers’ the cannabis through your system,” says Rafi Cohen, Chief Business Officer at Day Three Labs (DTL), the company that has developed the technology.

“So it bypasses your digestive tract naturally because your body thinks it is absorbing and digesting protein.”

Unlokt™ mirrors full spectrum terpenes and cannabinoids creating a pure high curated by the naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids in each specific strain.

In pharma-model PK studies, Unlokt™ consistently reached circulation 3-8x faster than conventional delivery methods, in as short as 5 minutes.


Non-psychoactive cannabinoids require tremendous amounts of product to demonstrate a clinical effect. By bypassing 1st pass metabolism, in an all-natural, pure way and delivering a higher payload to the blood, Unlokt™ can dramatically reduce the amount of CBx needed for clinical efficacy.

A pharmacodynamic in-vivo study demonstrates Unlokt’s™ superior, more potent, prolonged effects when used for pain reduction


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