Israel: Who are the people kidnapped by Hamas on the day that will forever be imprinted in the annals of history as a dark day for humanity – data – age – photographs of each of them


On October 7th, 2023, a day that will forever be etched in the annals of history as a dark day for humanity, southern Israel was invaded by thousands of armed Hamas terrorists.

They tore down large parts of the Gaza security fence using tractors, RPGs, and explosives, while simultaneously launching thousands of rockets from Gaza.

The terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory through various means – some broke through the fence in vehicles or on foot, others flew over the fence using motorized paragliders, and some even attempted a sea invasion aimed at Israel’s Zikim Beach.

Once inside, they split up and targeted numerous Israeli towns and IDF bases surrounding Gaza. The massacre began as they invaded the towns, indiscriminately shooting and causing destruction. They broke into civilian homes, committing heinous acts of violence including shooting, burning, raping, and beheading. Over 1,300 civilians were brutally murdered and more than 200 were abducted.

Simultaneously, another group of terrorists targeted the Nova Music Festival. As partygoers were waking up to the sound of sirens and attempting to evacuate due to the rocket threat, the terrorists fired indiscriminately at the crowd. Hundreds were massacred, young women were raped, bodies were brutalized, and many were abducted. Later, 260 bodies were found in the festival area – most of them belonging to innocent young men and women who had come to celebrate peace through music.

Despite the ambushes on IDF bases and the killing of soldiers by the terrorists, IDF forces operated to neutralize the terrorists and thwart their infiltration. Field observers used a sniper sighting system, tanks fired shells, and combat helicopters and special forces were deployed to the scene.

The State of Israel had never encountered such a large-scale, calculated attack on the Gaza front before. The initial attacks resulted in many losses, but even more were lost during the prolonged battles to regain control of the towns and bases surrounding Gaza.

When forces finally regained control of the towns, they were faced with grotesque sights left behind by Hamas’ pure violence – bloodstained cribs and baby carriers; families found lifeless in each other’s embrace; pets left behind with one dog refusing to leave a child’s bed, waiting for its owners who would never return.

October 7th will forever be remembered as a stark reminder that there are humans capable of utterly inhumane things.

Below is the list of people kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and taken to Gaza.



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