A school in Belgium has noticed signs of radicalization in their students


A school in Belgium has noticed signs of radicalization in their students as young as nursery school age, a first for children that young, reported The Brussels Times.

An internal audit conducted at the school in Flanders reported their Muslim nursery school children were making “death threats” against “non-believers” (the non-Muslim children), treating the non-Muslim children as “pigs” and making gestures to the non-Muslim children about slitting their throats.

The Muslim children were also observed reciting verses of the Koran during playtime and refusing to hold hands with non-Muslim children. The Muslim children also did not attend school on Fridays for religious reasons.

Belgium instituted a project in 2016 to address the problem of radicalization among Flemish children.

The project, Netwerk Islamexperten, employs a network of Islam specialists and has been called in to work on 481 cases to date.


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