Germany’s Comprehensive Military Aid to Ukraine: An In-Depth Analysis of Contributions and Commitments


Since the onset of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in 2014, which intensified dramatically with Russia’s full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, international support for Ukraine has become pivotal. Among the European nations, Germany has played a significant role in supporting Ukraine, both militarily and economically. This detailed article explores the extensive military assistance provided by Germany to Ukraine, analyzing the strategic implications and detailing the equipment and financial aid given as part of this support.

Germany’s Political and Economic Interests in Ukraine

Germany’s involvement in Ukraine is deeply rooted in both political and economic dimensions, reflecting a complex interplay of regional stability, energy security, and historical ties. This report delves into the multifaceted relationship between Germany and Ukraine, highlighting key areas of cooperation, strategic interests, and the broader implications for European security.

Military and Diplomatic Engagement

Since the onset of the conflict in Ukraine, Germany has emerged as a pivotal supporter of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity. Historically restrained in its military engagements, Germany made a significant policy shift by providing substantial military aid to Ukraine. As of early 2023, Germany had committed over €1.2 billion in military aid, including heavy weapons and equipment, positioning it as a major player in the support network against Russian aggression​ ​.

This military support is part of a broader commitment to uphold European security, where Germany plays a crucial role. The strategic partnership has been strengthened through various NATO summits and bilateral agreements aimed at enhancing Ukraine’s defense capabilities and integrating it more closely with European structures​ .

Economic Ties and Energy Dependency

Economically, Germany’s ties with Ukraine are significant, particularly in the context of energy security. The cessation of Russian gas imports, which historically constituted a substantial portion of Germany’s energy supply, has underscored the importance of diversifying energy sources. This scenario has elevated the strategic importance of Ukraine not just as a transit country for energy but also as a potential partner in energy security. Germany has been actively involved in building LNG terminals and seeking alternative energy supplies to mitigate the impact of reduced Russian gas supplies​​.

Furthermore, the economic relationship extends to rebuilding and supporting Ukraine’s economy amidst the ongoing conflict. Germany has been instrumental in providing financial aid and supporting infrastructural projects aimed at reviving Ukraine’s economic stability. This support is crucial for Ukraine’s long-term recovery and resilience​​.

Public Perception and Political Implications

Domestically, Germany’s policies towards Ukraine have had mixed reactions among the populace. While there is significant support for Ukraine, there are diverging views, particularly in Eastern Germany, where historical ties with Russia influence public opinion. These internal dynamics play a crucial role in shaping Germany’s foreign policy, as the government has to navigate complex public sentiments along with international expectations​​.

Strategic Challenges and Opportunities

The ongoing conflict has posed several challenges for Germany, forcing it to reconsider its security and defense strategies. The need for a coherent and robust response to Russian aggression has been a wake-up call for German policymakers. At the same time, it presents an opportunity for Germany to assert its leadership in European security, especially in light of the strategic recalibrations required by the shifting geopolitical landscape​ ​.

Germany’s engagement in Ukraine is characterized by a blend of strategic imperatives and complex challenges. The evolving nature of this relationship underscores Germany’s pivotal role in European politics and its potential impact on the broader regional stability. As the situation develops, Germany’s ability to balance its internal dynamics with its international commitments will be crucial in shaping the future trajectory of European security and cooperation.

Germany’s Strategic Military Support to Ukraine

Germany’s approach to supporting Ukraine involves a dual-strategy: financial assistance through the Federal Government’s security capacity building initiative and direct material support from the Federal Armed Forces’ supplies. To date, Germany has allocated approximately €28 billion in military aid, underscoring its commitment to Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression.

Financial Contributions

The Federal Government’s security capacity building initiative is a cornerstone of Germany’s support strategy. For the year 2024 alone, this initiative has earmarked around €7.1 billion. This funding is part of Germany’s contributions to the European Union’s European Peace Facility (EPF), which allows EU member states to be reimbursed for expenses related to military support for Ukraine. Germany has received about €31 million in compensation from the EPF thus far.

In addition to annual allocations, Germany has set aside approximately €6 billion in commitment appropriations for future military support, ensuring sustained assistance over the coming years. The breakdown of past expenditures includes €5 billion in 2023 and €1.6 billion in 2022, with an additional €2.9 billion planned for disbursement between 2025 and 2028.

Federal Government’s Security Capacity Building Initiative and EPF Contributions

CategoryDetailsAmount (Euros)
Total Funding (2024)Funds allocated for security capacity building initiatives7.1 billion
Reimbursement Received from EPFCompensation for military assistance for Ukraine31 million
Commitment Appropriations (Next few years)Funds earmarked for future military assistance6 billion
Military Assistance Spent (2023)Total expenditure for military assistance to Ukraine5 billion
Military Assistance Spent (2022)Total expenditure for military assistance to Ukraine1.6 billion
Military Assistance Earmarked (2025-2028)Funds set aside for future military assistance2.9 billion
Training CostsTraining provided to Ukrainian soldiers in Germany282 million
Materials ProvidedValue of materials from Bundeswehr supplies to Ukraine5.2 billion

Material Support

Material support from Germany includes a wide array of military equipment drawn from the stocks of the Bundeswehr (Federal Armed Forces) and additional supplies financed by the Federal Government. The total value of material aid provided since the beginning of the conflict amounts to around €5.2 billion.

Over 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers have benefited from military training on German soil, with associated costs totaling approximately €282 million. This training is crucial for enhancing the operational capabilities of Ukrainian forces.

Detailed Breakdown of Military Equipment Provided to Ukraine

Armoured and Infantry Support

Germany has significantly increased its provision of armored vehicles and infantry support equipment:

  • Infantry Fighting Vehicles: 100 MARDER vehicles, equipped with necessary ammunition and spare parts.
  • Main Battle Tanks: Contributions include 30 LEOPARD 1 A5 tanks, in a joint project with Denmark, and 18 LEOPARD 2 A6 tanks.
  • Armoured Personnel Carriers and Other Vehicles: Deliveries include 66 APCs, 73 Bandvagn 206 tracked all-terrain vehicles, and 54 M113 APCs upgraded in collaboration with Denmark.
Type of EquipmentQuantityDescriptionSource of EquipmentChanges from Previous Update
Infantry Fighting Vehicles100MARDER with ammunition and spare partsBundeswehr and industry stocksBefore: 90
AmmunitionFor LEOPARD 2Bundeswehr and industry stocks
All Terrain Tracked Carrier10Warthog (command vehicle)Before: 9
All Terrain Tracked Carrier5Warthog (repair and recovery vehicle)
Armoured Personnel Carriers66APC
Tracked All-Terrain Vehicles73Bandvagn 206 (BV206)
AmmunitionFor main battle tank LEOPARD 1
Main Battle Tanks30LEOPARD 1 A5Joint project with Denmark
Machine Guns138MG3 for LEOPARD 2, MARDER, and DACHS
Main Battle Tanks18LEOPARD 2 A6 with ammunition and spare partsGerman share in joint project with other operators
MRAP Vehicles50DINGO
Armoured Personnel Carriers54M113, each with 2 MG and spare partsSystems of Denmark, upgrades financed by Germany

Air Defence Systems

The air defense capabilities provided to Ukraine have been bolstered by the addition of:

  • SKYNEX Systems: 2 units, up from an initial single system, complemented by substantial ammunition stocks.
  • PATRIOT Systems: 2 systems along with necessary spare parts and missiles.
  • IRIS-T Systems: A total of 4 systems (SLM and SLS variants) to enhance Ukraine’s aerial defense capabilities.
Type of EquipmentQuantityDescriptionSource of EquipmentChanges from Previous Update
Air Defense Systems2SKYNEX with ammunitionBefore: 1
Rounds of Ammunition146,000For self-propelled anti-aircraft guns GEPARDBundeswehr and industry stocksBefore: 116,362
MissilesIRIS-T SLM missiles
Air Surveillance Radar9TRML-4DBefore: 8
MissilesIRIS-T SLS missiles
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns52GEPARD with spare parts
Air Defense Systems2PATRIOT with spare parts
MissilesPATRIOT missiles
Air Defense Systems3IRIS-T SLM
Air Defense Systems1IRIS-T SLS
PATRIOT Launchers2
Rounds of Practice Ammunition4,000For self-propelled anti-aircraft guns
Man Portable Air Defense Systems500STINGER
Man Portable Air Defense Systems2,700STRELA

Artillery Support

Germany’s artillery support has been substantial, including:

  • Howitzers: 14 Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled howitzers shared with the Netherlands.
  • Ammunition: Over 81,500 rounds of 155mm ammunition have been provided to Ukraine, a significant increase from previous figures.
Type of EquipmentQuantityDescriptionSource of EquipmentChanges from Previous Update
Rounds of Ammunition81,500155mm ammunitionBundeswehr and industry stocksBefore: 74,000
AmmunitionFor multiple rocket launchers MARS II
Rounds of Ammunition20,872155mm smoke/illuminating ammunition
Wheeled Self-Propelled Howitzer2Zuzana 2Jointly financed project with Denmark and Norway
Precision Guided Ammunition155mm (SMArt, VULCANO)
Multiple Rocket Launchers5MARS II with ammunitionGerman share in joint project with USA and Great Britain
Self-Propelled Howitzers14Panzerhaubitze 2000 with spare partsGerman share in joint project with the Netherlands
Rocket Launchers2070mm on pick-up trucks with rockets
Counter Battery Radar SystemCOBRA
Laser Target Designators and Fire Control10Portable fire control modules for VULCANO artillery ammunition

Drones and anti-drone systems

The deployment of drones and counter-drone technology includes:

  • Reconnaissance Drones: 212 VECTOR drones and 215 RQ-35 HEIDRUN drones.
  • Anti-Drone Measures: Extensive provision of anti-drone sensors, jammers, and fieldkits to counter enemy UAVs effectively.
Type of EquipmentQuantityDescriptionSource of EquipmentChanges from Previous Update
Reconnaissance Drones212VECTOR with spare parts
Reconnaissance Drones215RQ-35 HEIDRUN
Frequency Range Extensions70For anti-drone devices
Anti-Drone Sensors and Jammers84
Drone Detection Systems180RF 360 fieldkits
Drone Detection Systems19
Drone Sensors93
Reconnaissance Drones18Primoco ONE
Reconnaissance Drones7SONGBIRD
Reconnaissance System1LUNA NG
Unmanned Surface Vessels20
Anti-Drone Guns10
Electronic Anti-Drone Devices12

Military Engineering Capabilities

Type of EquipmentQuantityDescriptionSource of EquipmentChanges from Previous Update
Bridge-Laying Tanks18BEAVER with spare partsBefore: 17
Armoured Engineer Vehicles8DACHSBefore: 7
Mine Ploughs55Before: 46
Mine Clearing Tanks34WISENT 1 with spare parts
Mine Clearing Systems20Mobile, remote controlled and protected
Armoured Recovery Vehicles16Bergepanzer 2 with spare parts
Explosive Ordnance Disposal MaterialsBundeswehr and industry stocks
Tool Kits with Blasting Material500
Bridge Systems19Heavy and medium systems, and 12 trailers
Bridges5For bridge-laying tank BEAVER
Armoured Recovery Vehicles2Bergepanzer 3
Mine Clearing Systems12Mobile and protected, Ahlmann

Protective and Special Equipment

Type of EquipmentQuantityDescriptionSource of EquipmentChanges from Previous Update
Self-Protection Systems5AMPS for helicoptersBefore: 4
Outboard Motors84Before: 24
LED Lamps1,600Before: 1,000
IR Cameras400
Satcom Surveillance Systems3
Border Protection Vehicles263
SatCom Terminals292
IT Equipment
Naval Mine Clearance System1
Combat Helmets33,190
Ground Surveillance Radars56GO12
Mobile Antenna Mast Systems50
Laser Range Finders63
Crypto Phones2,667
Safety Glasses90,600Bundeswehr and industry stocks
PCB Printer1
Antenna Hub Station1
Mobile Reconnaissance Systems5SurveilSPIRE
Radio Jammers10
Laser Target Designators40
Radio Frequency System1
Field Telephones3,000Includes 5,000 cable reels and carrying straps
Night Vision Goggles500
Field Glasses165
Communications Electronic Scanner/Jammer1Systems
Mobile Decontamination Vehicles6HEP 70 including decontamination material
HMMWV108 with ground radar capability, 2 with jamming/anti-drone capability
High Frequency Unit1With equipment


Type of EquipmentQuantityDescriptionSource of EquipmentChanges from Previous Update
Tank Transporter Tractor18M1070 OshkoshBefore: 12
Vehicles361Trucks, minibuses, all-terrain vehiclesBundeswehr and industry stocks
Truck Tractor Trains908×8 HX81 and 90 semi-trailers
Trucks25MAN TGS
Load-Handling Trucks408×8
Load-Handling Trucks3415t
Load-Handling Trucks with Roll Containers68×6 with 21 roll of containers
Tracked and Remote Controlled Vehicles14Infantry vehicles THeMIS
Protected Vehicles30

Combat Readiness and Survivability

Type of EquipmentQuantityDescriptionSource of EquipmentChanges from Previous Update
Rounds of Ammunition282,00040mmBefore: 264,000
Anti-Tank Weapons13,000Man-portable, RGW 90Before: 10,000
Mortar Ammunition120mm
Camouflage Nets6,132Bundeswehr and industry stocksBefore: 4,152
Ponchos6,000Before: 4,000
First Aid Kits600,000Before: 500,000
Rounds of Ammunition for Firearms48.85 millionBundeswehr and industry stocks
Assault Rifles985MK 556
Precision Rifles65HLR 338 with 60,000 rounds ammunition
Rifles120CR 308
Grenade Launchers100GMG
Emergency Power Generators2
Snow Chains450
Rations205,000Single module group
Medical Material
Ambulance All Terrain Tracked10Warthog
Winter Clothing Sets30,000
Spare Part Packages3For VECTOR drones
Infusion Kits1,202
Spare PartsWISENT
Field Hospital
Machine Guns100MG5
Dental Sterilizers8
Hangar Tents2
Lift Trucks8
Mobile Heating Systems168
Wool Blankets36,400
Sleeping Bags14,000
Mi-24 Spare Parts
Spare PartsFor heavy machine gun M2
Winter Jackets116,000
Winter Trousers80,000
Winter Hats240,000
Military Meals Ready320,000Pre-packaged
Medical Material Fridges67
Anti-Tank Weapons3,000Panzerfaust 3 with 900 firing devices
Anti-Tank Mines14,9009,300 from industry stocks
Bunkerfaust50With 15 firing devices
Machine Gun MG3100With 500 spare barrels and breechblocks
Hand Grenades100,000
Explosive Charges5,300
Detonating Cord and Detonators100,000 m cordWith 350,000 detonators
Auto-Injector Devices100
Military Clothing15 palettes
Hospital Beds1,200
Medical Material Palettes18 palettesIncludes 60 surgical lights
Protective Clothing and MasksIncludes surgical masks
Field Hospital1Jointly financed with Estonia
Diesel and Gasoline
AdBlue10 tons
Medical Gauzes500
MiG-29 Spare Parts

Military support to Ukraine in planning/in execution

(due to security concerns, the Federal Government abstains from providing details on transportation modalities and dates until after handover)

Type of EquipmentQuantityDescriptionSource of EquipmentRemarks
Armoured Fighting Vehicles40Infantry fighting vehicles MARDERIn planning/executing
Main Battle Tanks105LEOPARD 1 A5Joint project with Denmark and the NetherlandsIn planning/executing
AmmunitionFor main battle tanks LEOPARD 2 and LEOPARD 1In planning/executing
AmmunitionFor infantry fighting vehicles MARDERIn planning/executing
Air Defence Systems1PATRIOTIn planning/executing
MissilesPATRIOT missilesIn planning/executing
Air Defence Systems2SKYNEX with ammunitionIn planning/executing
MissilesIRIS-T SLM/SLSIn planning/executing
Anti-Aircraft Guns15Self-propelled GEPARDIn planning/executing
Air Defence Systems9IRIS-T SLMIn planning/executing
Air Defence Systems11IRIS-T SLSIn planning/executing
Rounds of Ammunition249,680GEPARDIn planning/executing
Self-Propelled Howitzers36RCH 155In planning/executing
Self-Propelled Howitzers18Panzerhaubitze 2000In planning/executing
Projectilesmore than 120,000122mmIn planning/executing
Projectilesmore than 250,000155mmIn planning/executing
Self-Propelled Howitzers14Zuzana 2Joint project with Denmark and NorwayIn planning/executing
Reconnaissance Drones263VECTORIn planning/executing
Reconnaissance Drones34RQ-35 HEIDRUNIn planning/executing
Anti-Drone Systems15Sensors and jammersIn planning/executing
Unmanned Surface Vessels50In planning/executing
Multi-Role Helicopters6Sea King Mk41 with spare partsIn planning/executing
Armoured Recovery Vehicles15Bergepanzer 2In planning/executing
Armoured Engineer Vehicles7DACHSIn planning/executing
Mine Clearing Systems1Mobile, remote controlled and protectedIn planning/executing
Bridge-Laying Tanks8BEAVERIn planning/executing
Mine Clearing Systems2AhlmannIn planning/executing
Mine Clearing Tanks8WISENT 1In planning/executing
Bridge Systems2Heavy and mediumIn planning/executing
Combat Helmets27,510In planning/executing
LED Lamps400In planning/executing
Laser Range Finders725In planning/executing
Self-Protection Systems11AMPS for helicoptersIn planning/executing
Safety Glasses10,000In planning/executing
Mobile Reconnaissance Systems10SurveilSPIREIn planning/executing
Border Protection Vehicles237In planning/executing
Communications Systems11Electronic scanner/jammer systemsIn planning/executing
Tankers40ZetrosIn planning/executing
Refrigerator Trucks20ZetrosIn planning/executing
Trucks41MercedesIn planning/executing
Vehicles2Toyota Land CruiserIn planning/executing
Tank Transporter Tractor5M1070 OshkoshIn planning/executing
Load-Handling Trucks18×6 with 7 roll of containersIn planning/executing
Tractors and Trailers2 tractors and 4 trailersIn planning/executing
Protected Vehicles10In planning/executing
Assault Rifles4,015MK 556In planning/executing
Rounds of Ammunition7.75 millionFor firearmsIn planning/executing
Anti-Tank Mines8,000PARMIn planning/executing
Precision Rifles385HLR 338 with 9.9m rounds ammunitionIn planning/executing
Anti-Tank Weapons15,000Man-portableIn planning/executing
Dental Sterilizers2In planning/executing
Rounds of Ammunition146,00040mm for grenade launchersIn planning/executing
Medical MaterialContinuing deliveriesIn planning/executing

Delivered as of End of September 2023

Type of EquipmentQuantityDescriptionDelivery DetailsPurchased By
Surface-To-Air Missile Systems2 Systems, 1 Battery, 4 LaunchersIRIS-T SLM, IRIS-T SLS, PatriotIRIS-T SLM: Oct 2022, Apr 2023; IRIS-T SLS: Aug 2023; Patriot: Apr 2023, Aug 2023Germany*
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns46GepardsTraining Jun 2022; Delivered Jul-Sep 2022, Feb-Mar, Apr-Aug 2023Germany*
Multiple Rocket Launchers5M270 ”MARS”Arrived Jul, Oct 2022Ukraine**
Laser-Guided Rocket Systems2070mm on Pick-Up TrucksDec 2022Germany*
Self-Propelled Artillery16 (24)PzH 2000s, SpGH Zuzana 2sPzH 2000s: Apr-Jun 2022, Jul, Oct 2022; Zuzana 2s: Jul 2023Germany* (joint purchase)
Tanks65+T-72M1s, M-55S’, Leopard 2A6s, Leopard 1 A5T-72M1s: 2022; M-55S’: Oct 2022; Leopard 2A6s: Mar 2023; Leopard 1 A5: Jul-Aug 2023Ukraine** and Germany*
Infantry Fighting Vehicles130BMP-1A1s, BVP-1s, Marder 1A3sBMP-1A1s: Oct 2022 onwards; BVP-1s: Nov 2022; Marder 1A3s: Mar, Sep 2023Ukraine** and Germany*
Armoured Personnel Carriers82M113G3DK/G4DKs, Bandvagn BV 206sM113G3DK/G4DKs: Jul-Aug 2022; BV 206s: Jun-Aug 2023Germany*
Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles50DingosNov-Dec 2022Germany*
Man-Portable Air Defence Systems3,200FIM-92 Stingers, 9K32 Strela-2sMar 2022Germany*
Anti-Tank Weapons23,800Panzerfaust 3 RPGs, RGW 90 Matador RPGs, DM31 and PARM DM22 Mines2022Ukraine** and Germany*
Anti-Drone Systems and Jammers176Anti-Drone Guns, Sensors, Jammers, Large Systems2022-2023Germany*
Radars33GO12 Radars, Cobra, TRML-4D, Satcom Systems2022-2023Germany*
Reconnaissance Systems6SurveilSPIRE, Satcom Systems2022-2023Germany*
Reconnaissance UAVs216Vectors, Recon UAVs, RQ-35 Heidruns2022-2023Ukraine** and Germany*
Unmanned Ships10Unmanned Surface VesselsOct-Nov 2022Germany*
Engineering Vehicles and Equipment80Various types including Dachs AEVs, Bergepanzer ARVs, Bridgelayers, Mine-Clearing Tanks2022-2023Germany*
Vehicles~1187Various types including trucks, ATVs, ambulances, protection vehicles2022-2023Germany*
Small Arms820MG 3, MG5 Machine Guns, SFP9 Pistols2022-2023Germany*
AmmunitionVariousMissiles, Artillery Rounds, Small Arms Ammunition, Hand Grenades2022-2023Germany*
Military GearVariousHelmets, Clothing, Jackets, Trousers, Hats2022Germany*
Miscellaneous EquipmentVariousSpare Parts for Jets, Helicopters, Tanks, IFVs, and others2022-2023Germany*

To Be Delivered as of End of September 2023

Type of EquipmentQuantityDescriptionTo Be Delivered DetailsPurchased By
Surface-To-Air Missile Systems6 Systems, 22 LaunchersIRIS-T SLM, IRIS-T SLSTo be deliveredGermany*
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns21 SPAAGs, 2 SystemsGepards/Cheetahs, Oerlikon Skynex SystemTo be deliveredGermany*
Self-Propelled Artillery32RCH 155s, ShKH Zuzana 2sTo be deliveredUkraine** and Germany* (joint purchase)
Tanks115Leopard 1A5sTo be deliveredGermany*
Infantry Fighting Vehicles40Marder 1A3sTo be deliveredGermany*
Armoured Personnel Carriers26+Bandvagn BV 206s, Fuchs EvolutionsTo be deliveredGermany*
Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles66+BATT UMGsTo be delivered from July 2023 onwardsGermany*
Anti-Drone Systems80Drone Detection SystemsTo be deliveredGermany*
Radars, Jammers, and Reconnaissance Systems69TRML-4Ds, Mobile Ground Radars, Ground Observer 12 Radars, Drone Sensors, Comm SystemsTo be deliveredGermany*
Reconnaissance UAVs482+Recon UAVs, Vectors, Lunas, RQ-35 HeidrunsTo be deliveredUkraine** and Germany*
Helicopters6Sea King Mk.41To be deliveredGermany*
Unmanned Ships10Unmanned Surface VesselsTo be deliveredGermany*
Engineering Vehicles and Equipment74Various types including recovery vehicles, bridgelayers, mine-clearing systemsTo be deliveredGermany*
Vehicles720Various types including trucks, tankers, heavy equipment transportersTo be deliveredGermany*
Anti-Tank Weapons18,000Portable Anti-Tank WeaponsTo be deliveredGermany*
AmmunitionVariousMissiles, Artillery Rounds, Small Arms Ammunition, Anti-Tank MinesTo be deliveredGermany*
Miscellaneous EquipmentVariousDecontamination system, antenna systems, field hospital, heating systemsTo be deliveredGermany*

This comprehensive table details the significant military aid, including types and quantities of equipment, delivery statuses, and who purchased the items. This representation highlights the ongoing support and planned future deliveries to Ukraine.

Germany’s multi-faceted military support to Ukraine reflects a strong commitment to international law and the sovereignty of nations. By providing both immediate and long-term military assistance, Germany plays a crucial role in supporting Ukraine during this critical time of conflict. This detailed examination not only highlights the breadth and depth of German aid but also underscores the strategic importance of this support in the broader context of European security and stability.


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