Vendor claims to sell millions of Experian and Whois accounts on Dark Web


DoubleFlag, the hacker plus vendor who is known for selling high-profile data on the dark web marketplaces is back at it again, this time, with more data and double the price.

In his recent listing, the vendor is claiming to have access to the complete databases of two of the world’s best-known companies Experian and WhoIs.

Experian data:

Experian plc is a major credit reference agency with operations in 40 countries.

The hacker claims he has access to the Experian database which contains information of some 203,419,083 accounts and has set the price for this database at Bitcoin 0.8082 (USD 600.00).

The database as per his claim includes customer’s full name, address, apartment number, city, state, zip code, gender details, telephone numbers, date of birth, marital status, delivery point barcode, Fips state code, Fips county code, Single Family Dwelling, Apartment with unit designator, Rural Route, Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) income classification code, income details, credit rating details, mail delivery records, Assimilation code, details about customer’s ethnicity, religion, language and other personal and financial information of Experian customers.

Screenshot from the dark web marketplace where Experian data is being sold.

An important point to ponder here is that according to vendor’s claim, this data has never been leaked or sold on the Internet before however in an exclusive conversation with HackRead, the hacker refused to answer or give clues regarding the date and year when the database was stolen from Experian servers.

In Oct 2015 Experian suffered a huge data breach in which 15 million T-Mobile users had their data stolen because T-Mobile used Experian to process its credit applications and perform credit checks on its customers.

Remember, DoubleFlag is the same vendor who was previously found selling data of high-profile companies including DropBox, Brazzers, Epic Games, ClixSence, uTorrent,, and BitcoinTalk Forum.

WhoIs data:

Before going into details about WhoIs data there are few things that need to be explained and cleared. 1: We at are unable to confirm if this database belongs to,, or since none of these platforms have replied to our inquiry email.

What we can confirm is that this data does not belong to as they were kind enough to send us a detailed reply confirming that this data does not belong to them neither were they hacked.

So, the WhoIs data that is up for sale includes 88,370,175 records and the price for the data is BTC 0.3896 (USD 300.00). The below given screenshot shows what data is available:

Screenshot from the dark web marketplace where WhoIs data is being sold.


Is the WhoIs data sensitive and legitimate?

Although DoubleFlag claims both Experian and WhoIs databases are new and never been leaked on the Internet or were never part of the leaked databases before, we would like to state that there are several other vendors selling the same WhoIs data since the exact same database is available for public download on Bestwhois.

In fact, DoubleFlags’s listing description for WhoIs data matches with the publically available WhoIs database description and also with the data description of other vendors.

Both descriptions match with each other word by word.

Is the Experian data legit?

When it comes to Experian data there is no indication if it is fake however the description published by DoubleFlag matches with the description available on Poris Data Services, known for selling automotive mailing lists including postal addresses, vehicle information of US vehicle owners and B2B lists.

The data may be real and if it is, it’s a massive privacy threat for Experian customers.


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